IAIM members share experiences and solutions with counterparts from around the world

IAIM Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program

Current immunization managers now have the opportunity to learn from their counterparts in another country in a hands-on peer-to-peer exchange visit. 

IAIM Training Scholarship Program

Unique opportunities to enroll in trainings, short courses and seminars on topics vital to immunization program management.

Join us at the IAIM Inaugural Conference!


The International Association of Immunization Managers is pleased to announce its Inaugural Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. Learn more about this exciting event and register today!

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IAIM Question of the Month

The IAIM Question of the Month is:

What are your current sources for advice or information about management & leadership of your immunization program? What information do you wish you had, but cannot find, that would assist you in the day-to-day work of managing your country’s immunization program?