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Download the Secretariat Annual Report 2014 on Monitoring, Evaluation & Acountability of the Global Vaccine Acction Plan (GVAP) here.

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The IAIM Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program provides the opportunity for immunization managers who would like to advance their knowledge and skills - and their country’s immunization program - to visit an immunization manager in a different country to learn from their program's successes and challenges. 

Thanks to the Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program, the national immunization manager in Saudi Arabia attended the ACIP meeting at the US CDC. Immunization program managers in Australia hosted the sub-national immunization manager from the United States to learn about immunization registries. And many other exchanges - between members from countries as diverse as China, Cameroon, and Costa Rica - are planned!
Applications for this round of the IAIM Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program are accepted until July 10, 2015

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Professional development 

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The Training Scholarship Program will provide winning applicants with opportunities to enroll in trainings, short courses and seminars. Training Scholarship awards are intended to target critical competencies and skill sets that immunization managers deem important in order to improve the performance of their immunization program.
Thanks to the Training Scholarship Program, the national managers from The Gambia and Saudi Arabia have just returned from the Advanced Course for Vaccinology (ADVAC) in Annecy, France. The national manager from Niger is attending a Business English course, and a sub-national immunization manager in South Africa will attend a data management course at the University of Pretoria.
Applications for this round of the IAIM The Training Scholarship Program are accepted until July 10, 2015
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