1. What is an immunization manager?

An immunization manager is defined by IAIM as a public health professional that is responsible for managing and integrating all of the components of country’s immunization program, at either the national or sub-national level. An immunization manager is not defined by job title (as immunization managers have many different job titles); rather, they are defined by their role in integrating the entire set of functions of the immunization program, including but not limited to procurement processes, funding, cold chain, provision of immunization services, monitoring of vaccine safety and efficacy, surveillance systems, and communication with the public and health workers. Most immunization managers are employed by the Ministry of Health or one of its sub-national units. In countries which participate in the Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI), the immunization program is synonymous with the EPI program.


2. Who is eligible for Immunization Manager Membership? Who is eligible for Immunization Professional Membership? Who is eligible for Associate Membership?

Immunization Manager Membership is open to:

  • Current immunization managers (as defined above) who manage all components of the immunization program in their country at the national or sub-national level (including but not limited to: department level, state level, province level, district level, etc.). These professionals must work for a Ministry of Health.
    • Examples: national immunization manager (EPI manager), provincial immunization manager (EPI manager)
  • Managers of a component of the immunization program at the national level within the Ministry of Health
    • Example: national head of surveillance, national cold chain manager

Immunization Professional Membership is open to:

  • All other staff working for immunization programs within Ministries of Health
    • Examples: provincial cold chain officer, technical advisor
  • Physicians, nurses, and other staff working in hospitals or health facilities (public and private)
    • Examples: physician, nurse, laboratory technician, head of pediatrics department at a hospital

Associate Membership is open to:

  • Representatives of multilaterals, bilaterals, non-profit organizations, and universities

Any other health professional not employed by a for-profit company


3. How can I become involved in IAIM if I work for a for-profit company?

For-profit companies in the health industry (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device manufacturers, cold chain/logistics companies, etc.) play critical roles in immunization systems around the world. While representatives of these companies are not eligible for IAIM membership, we welcome your engagement in IAIM.

You can engage with us by:

a) Becoming a funding partner of IAIM. As a funding partner, you can contribute to general educational grants for immunization managers, or contribute to a specific set of benefits that IAIM provides to immunization managers. In return, you could receive the opportunity to conduct market research surveys through IAIM, complimentary registration to an IAIM conference or regional meeting, and your logo on the IAIM funding partners’ page. See our funding partners’ page [under construction] for more details.

b) Registering to attend one of our IAIM conferences or joint regional meetings.

c) Signing up for our Stakeholder Mailing List [under construction] to receive updates on IAIM activities and events.

For more specific information on this, please contact Katie Waller at katie.waller@sabin.org


4. What are IAIM conferences and IAIM joint regional meetings? When are they held? Who can attend them?

IAIM conferences are international events that bring together immunization managers and other professionals interested in immunization program management to foster exchange of information and ideas, learning opportunities, and professional networking. IAIM conferences will consist of informational sessions delivered by IAIM members and expert speakers; networking sessions where immunization professionals can meet and discuss experiences, challenges, and success stories; and sessions dealing with association matters (such as elections and voting). IAIM held its first global conference in March 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey. The second global conference is anticipated for spring 2017.

IAIM joint regional meetings are smaller versions of IAIM conferences, held for IAIM members and interested stakeholders in two world regions. The first joint regional meeting was held in Durban, South Africa, in September 2014 for the sub-Saharan African region and the Middle East/North African region. IAIM anticipates holding a joint regional meeting for the South/Southeastern Asian region and the Western Asia and Pacific region in mid-2016, and another joint regional meeting for the Americas and Europe/Central Asian regions later in 2016. The agenda for each joint regional meeting is based on the collective priorities of the members within each region.

IAIM conferences and regional meetings are free to Immunization Manager Members and Immunization Professional Members. In addition, corporate registration is available to representatives of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and cold chain/logistics corporations, and other for-profit companies in the health industry; and stakeholder registration is available to representatives of multilateral and bilateral agencies, implementing partners, philanthropic foundations, and other international non-profit organizations.


 5. Who provides leadership for IAIM?

The IAIM Governing Council provides leadership and direction for the association. Members of the IAIM Governing Council are elected by the Membership and accountable to the members of the Association.

The first election of the Governing Council of the International Association of Immunization Managers was held on 3 March 2015 at the IAIM Inaugural Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. The newly elected Governing Council members come from every region of the world.

Please view this link to our Governing Council page, which shows the names and profiles of our Governing Council members.


6. If I become a member of IAIM, do I represent myself as an individual? Or do I represent my employer or country?

All members of IAIM represent themselves as individuals, not their employer or country. It is understood and appreciated that members’ country and employment backgrounds influence their perspectives, and IAIM welcomes members to share these perspectives. However, members represent only themselves as individuals when voting on association matters, participating in discussions at IAIM meetings, or exchanging ideas in the IAIM discussion forums.

IAIM members may not seek to derive any personal financial profit or gain, directly or indirectly, by reason of his or her participation with the Association. Such conduct would be grounds for membership revocation, as indicated in the IAIM Terms of Use.


7. What should I do if I can’t afford IAIM membership dues?

If a prospective member is unable to pay membership dues from their own personal funds, IAIM will accept payment of membership dues from the individual’s employer on behalf of that employee, as an investment in their professional development. It must be understood that even in cases where the employer pays dues on behalf of an employee, the employee still represents only themselves (and not their organization) in their involvement with the association.


For answers to any other questions NOT covered on this page, please email info@iaimanagers.org