Partnering with IAIM

For companies, partnering with the International Association of Immunization Managers (IAIM) is a great way to achieve both economic and humanitarian goals where you conduct business. It is an opportunity for your company to engage in a CSR initiative that would:

  • Improve brand awareness,
  • Enhance your public image
  • Contribute towards a healthier society
  • Promote the share values of your company
  • Invest in the communities where you operate

For international aid organizations, partnering with IAIM would maximize the effectiveness of your existing interventions, because IAIM supports the sustainability of the public health systems that underlie those interventions. Alternatively, it could be an opportunity for you to design a new intervention to strengthen the performance of immunization systems in countries worldwide.

Why partner with IAIM?

Data from the World Health Organization shows that one in five children around the world still do not receive the vaccines they need. By partnering with IAIM, you can join us in fixing this problem by investing in training for immunization managers, the public health professionals who manage immunization systems in countries around the world. Immunization managers have primary responsibility f

or ensuring that vaccines are delivered throughout their country in the right quantities, at the right time, to all the clinics serving those who need them. This critical group of public health professionals is mostly untrained in management and leadership - the very skills that will enable them to reach these goals.

IAIM provides managerial and leadership training opportunities to immunization managers, along with opportunities to connect with their peers around the world to exchange experiences and successful practices, and their own independent forum to discuss the management of immunization programs.

In short, IAIM is uniquely poised for a catalytic intervention that will strengthen health systems, prevent disease, improve healthcare access, and get more vaccines to more children.


Please contact Katie Waller, IAIM Secretariat Senior Program Officer, at, to join us in strengthening health systems, eliminating vaccine preventable diseases, and saving lives.





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