Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program

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Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program Application Form

Solicitud para el Programa de intercambios entre pares



The IAIM Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program provides the opportunity for current immunization managers and professionals, holding an Immunization Manager or Immunization Professional Membership in IAIM and who would like to advance their knowledge and skills - and their country’s immunization program - to visit an immunization manager or professional in a different country to learn from their program's successes and challenges. The visit typically lasts five business days (plus travel days), and is focused on a management theme chosen by the immunization manager or professional applying for the peer-to-peer exchange (the “Peer Requestor”).  

Theme can focus on any one of the components of an immunization program, such as:

  • Vaccine supply, cold chain, and logistics
  • Immunization program management
  • Management of surveillance system
  • Communication and advocacy
  • Provision of immunization services
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Management of information systems

Each Peer Requestor selected to participate in the program is matched with a “Peer Supporter”, an immunization manager in another country who possesses expertise in the area of interest chosen by the Peer Requestor.

Flight, lodging, and per diem for the Peer Requestor is paid for by IAIM. IAIM also supports the expenses for the Peer Supporter.


Eligibility and Administrative Requirements

This program is open to Immunization Manager and Immunization Professional members of IAIM who are current immunization managers and professionals.

If awarded a Peer-to-Peer Exchange, applicants must be able to show proof of:

  • An insurance plan that covers medical expenses outside of their country
  • A valid passport which does not expire for at least six months from the planned time of their peer-to-peer exchange visit.

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Application and Selection Cycle

Peer-to-peer exchanges are awarded based on a competitive application process. 

IAIM will send announcements to all members when an IAIM Peer-to-peer Exchange Program application cycle opens. Members must submit their application by using the IAIM Peer-to-peer exchange application form, which is available on the Association’s website. The application form asks candidates to provide details about their objectives for learning about the domain(s) selected. It also asks how the domain(s) selected will enhance the management capacity of the candidate in the selected domain(s), and how the knowledge gained will be used to improve immunization program performance.

The IAIM Peer-to-peer Exchange Program application form includes includes a Supervisor Agreement Page, which requires candidates to obtain their supervisor’s signature prior to application submission. The supervisor, by signing the application, agrees to approve the immunization manager in applying for the IAIM Peer-to-peer Exchange Program.
The Peer-to-peer Exchange Selection committee reviews the applications for the IAIM Peer-to-peer Exchange Program. This committee is composed of members of the IAIM Governing Council . Decisions will be made based on the specificity, strength and completeness of the applicant’s answers on their application (i.e., how well the candidate builds his or her case that the exchange in the selected area(s) can help them in better managing their immunization program). Prior to awarding Peer-to-peer Exchanges, the Peer-to-peer Exchange Selection committee reserves the right to contact candidates for additional information. 
Please note that the same IAIM member may not be awarded more than one Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program award.