Welcome to the IAIM Vaccine Search. Please use this database to search for either WHO Pre-Qualified vaccines or country-regulated and approved vaccines. The search involves two steps: step one is choosing the qualification status, and step two is choosing the disease or diseases targeted by the vaccine you are looking for.  In step two, if you choose one disease, the search results will show you all vaccines which target this disease. If you choose multiple diseases, the search results will narrow to show you only vaccines that target all of the diseases you selected. 

Please note that not all available vaccines are listed. As new vaccines are approved at the country level or pre-qualified by WHO, the vaccine database will be updated. Please also note that if a vaccine is both country-approved and WHO pre-qualified, it will only be listed under the WHO pre-qualified database.

Source, WHO-Prequalified Vaccines: World Health Organization
Source(s), Country-Approved Vaccines: United States Food & Drug Agency

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