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IAIM's Collection of Publications, Trainings and Toolkits

Welcome to the IAIM Network Resource Library, a collection of immunization-related publications, trainings and tools. The table below shows the seven main categories into which the documents have been organized, as well as their sub-categories. Please click on the title you are interested in, and you will be taken to a page where you can read general information on the topic and access publications, trainings, and tools specific to that topic. 

We will continuously work to update these pages with useful publications, trainings and tools. Please write us at info@iaimanagers.org if you would like to suggest a publication, training or tool to be displayed for any of the topics on these pages.


Immunization Program Management

Provision of Immunization Services

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Information Management

Vaccine Supply Chain, Cold Chain, and Logistics

Injection Safety


Communication and Advocacy

Question of the Month