Africa: Abstinence Push Fails to Slow Spread of HIV

An article from AllAfrica
May 5, 2016
Sex abstinence campaigns in Kenya and Uganda have not reduced the spread of HIV/Aids, a study has shown.
Researchers sought to determine the impact of a $1.4 billion (Sh140 billion) US expenditure in sub-Sahara Africa on drives intended to discourage pre-marital sex and promote faithfulness in marriage.
The money was spent over a 12-year period in 14 countries, including Tanzania and Rwanda. The funding was part of a US scheme known as the "President's Emergency Programme for Aids Relief or Pepfar"
"The study failed to find evidence of a relationship between Pepfar abstinence and faithfulness funding and reduction in high-risk sexual behaviours," the report says.
The findings are based on observations of nearly 500,000 Africans under 30, among them 35,000 Kenyans.
The US provided Kenya with $5 million (Sh500 million) for HIV/Aids prevention and treatment.
Anti-retroviral drugs were given to 860,000 Kenyans last year through Pepfar, which also funded circumcision of 225,000 men.
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