Africa celebrates one year without polio: UN

An article from the Economic Times
August 12, 2015
MOGADISHU: Africa has marked one year since the last case of recorded polio, with the United Nations celebrating today a key step towards eradicating the disease. 
The last recorded case on the continent was in Somalia in August 11 2014, although health officials must wait two more years before declaring the continent free from the highly infectious, crippling virus. 
The UN children's agency UNICEF, which plays a key role in polio vaccinations, called it an "extraordinary achievement" but warned it was "not an end point." 
Success depends on the continuation of vaccination campaigns and close monitoring of possible cases, it said. 
"We have had no new cases for a year despite all the challenges in the country," UNICEF's chief for Somalia Steven Lauwerier told AFP today. 
"We never want to see another Somali child being paralysed by this preventable virus. That means we need to continue to support the vaccination campaigns to ensure polio is completely eradicated." 
Nigeria marked one year since its last recorded case of polio in July. It is one of only three countries -- along with Pakistan and Afghanistan -- where the virus remains endemic. 
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