After 40 Years, a Rotavirus Vaccine for Newborns Is in Sight

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August 21, 2013
After 40 Years, a Rotavirus Vaccine for Newborns Is in Sight


August 21, 2013 -- The clinic is buzzing with mothers, babies and small children. The babies are weighed and measured, and given vitamins and vaccinations. Outside the gates, the village has gathered, with vendors selling snacks and colorful plastic toys. We’re here for Immunization Day. We’re also here helping Indonesia make history.

Working together with the teams from the Universitas Gadjah Mada and Bio Farma, the Indonesian vaccine manufacturer, as part of the RV3 Rotavirus Vaccine Program, we are studying an innovative rotavirus vaccine that could save thousandBefore rotavirus vaccines were available, almost every child in the world, no matter where they lived or how wealthy their parents were, would have contracted rotavirus at some point before their third birthday.s of children’s lives and prevent sickness for hundreds of thousands more each year. A vaccine four decades in the making.

It’s a rotavirus vaccine for newborns, and this village is a part of the vaccine trial.

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