Angola to Introduce HPV Vaccine By 2015

An article from All Africa
October 2, 2014
Angola has announced the introduction of human papilloma virus vaccination (HPV) in 2015, as part of its national immunisation programme.
The fact was announced Thursday in Luanda by the Health minister, José Van-Dúnem.
The Health minister was speaking at the opening of 10th International Conference on Treatment of Cancer in Africa, called "AORTIC PALOP", going between 02 and 03 October, under the Oncology Center.
The official stressed that the HPV vaccine can combat cervix and oropharynx cancers.
According to him, the strategy is defined in the 2012/2015 National Health Development Plan (PNDS), approved by the Government, which stresses the awakening people on the importance of healthy lifestyles.
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