Apathy over aid effectiveness threatens global partnership

An article from The Guardian
August 15, 2013
 Apathy over aid effectiveness threatens global partnership: Funding shortfall and donor backtracking on country ownership could prove fatal to hard-won Busan breakthrough


August 15, 2013 -- The global partnership on aid effectiveness, unveiled to great fanfare in Busan, South Korea, in 2011, was supposed to bring together all the pieces of the puzzle that make development work. It is the only forum for aid donors and recipients, emerging economies, civil society, the private sector and foundations to focus on the quality of development assistance.

But almost two years on, the global partnership is at risk of fading away because of a shortage of funding, reflecting a lack of high-level political interest. Busan built on previous aid effectiveness commitments made in Paris and Accra on the principles of aid ownership (by developing countries), inclusive development, transparency, results and accountability.

At the time, Busan was hailed as a breakthrough as it brought on board – after some behind-the-scenes arm-twisting – the new players in the aid landscape, particularly China, Brazil and India. These countries agreed, on a voluntary basis, to abide by the Busan principles.

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