Call to offer HPV vaccine to boys

An article from BBC News
September 22, 2014
It comes amid pressure to extend vaccination to all adolescent boys in the UK, in line with other countries.
The committee is expected to focus initially on whether to offer the vaccine to men who have sex with men, who may be at higher risk.
But a coalition of health experts and campaigners say vaccinating all boys aged 12 to 13 would save lives.
HPV (human papillomavirus) infections cause 5% of all cancers worldwide, and rates are rising. The virus causes most cases of cervical cancer, and some cancers in other parts of the body, including the throat, anus and penis.
The UK's HPV vaccination programme reaches over 80% of girls, but coverage rates are lower in some communities.
Peter Baker, Campaign Director of, said it was blatantly unfair that women were protected from cancers and other diseases caused by HPV infection while men were not.
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