Chikungunya Vaccine Succeeds in Phase I: Paving the way for a new generation of vaccines

An article from VaccineNation
November 21, 2014
Vienna-based Themis Bioscience, and the Paris based Institut Pasteur announced earlier this week a successful phase I trial of their revolutionary chikungunya vaccine. The phase 1 trial of 42 subjects demonstrated the vaccine to be well tolerated and safe. The trial also revealed that the vaccine is clearly dose-dependant, and that even at very low doses the vaccine elicited neutralising antibodies in every participant.
“We could confirm that our Chikungunya vaccine candidate is well tolerated, safe and elicits the expected immune response.” commented Themis’ founder and CEO, Dr. Erich Tauber. “Considering the ongoing spread of Chikungunya epidemic, we now focus on making the vaccine available as soon as possible. We will also strengthen our already successful alliance with the Institut Pasteur.”
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