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Locally made vaccines ‘could boost immunisation efforts’

Mexico and South Africa want to start producing their own vaccines to boost their immunisation programmes, the 67th World Health Assembly (WHA) in Switzerland has heard.
The countries need the WHO and other international agencies to help expand their local manufacturing capacity, a move they hope will lower the cost of vaccines and make their supply more reliable.

GAVI Alliance to present plans to expand impact of vaccines by 2020

As five African countries prepare to celebrate World Immunization Week (24-30 April) with the impending introduction of new vaccines, the GAVI Alliance is finalising plans to build on its successes with a major drive to increase access to vaccines and the impact of immunisation programmes by 2020.

Congo-Brazzaville: Semaine africaine de vaccination - Les femmes en âge de procréer seront vaccinées contre le tétanos

À l'instar d'autres pays africains, la RDC organise cette semaine de vaccination lancée depuis le 21 avril par le ministre de la Santé publique, le Dr Félix Kabange Numbi, au centre de santé Élonga à Masina.

Study Recommends Shift In Pneumonia Vaccination Strategy

Immunization of infants against pneumococcal diseases should target areas where the children are most likely to benefit if broad nationwide vaccination is not possible and too costly to implement, according to a study.
The WHO recommends that pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) be included in immunization programs to protect young children against acute lower respiratory infections that remain the largest cause of childhood mortality worldwide, accounting for nearly a fifth of the deaths.

Environ 130.000 enfants centrafricains âgés de 0 à 23 mois et les femmes enceintes sont visés par une campagne de vaccination qui démarre le 28 mars

Une semaine d’intensification des activités de vaccination visant 128.930 enfants centrafricains âgés de 0 à 23 mois et les femmes enceintes et en âge de procréer a été lancé à Bangui, le 28 mars 2014, par les autorités du pays en présence des chefs des missions diplomatiques accrédités en Centrafrique et des agences du Système des Nations Unies.


Immunize Canada announces the new ImmunizeCA App

Visit Immunize Canada about the ImmunizeCA appFrom Immunize Canada's website:

ImmunizeCA App

What it does

Provide Canadians with the ability to:



This year, the doctors are going to provide coverage of at least 97% of a contingent with preventive vaccinations, according to the national immunization schedule. This will ensure the country's epidemiological wellbeing on infections, the spread of which can be successfully controlled through vaccination.

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Thousands die annually in U.S. from vaccine-preventable diseases

Approximately 30,000 people on average die of vaccine preventable illnesses in the U.S. annually, the University of Colorado at Denver said on Tuesday.
Researchers at the university’s School of Medicine found that even though adults make up 95 percent of individuals who die annually from vaccine preventable diseases, rates for vaccination remain stubbornly low. The team recently published the results of the study in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

CDC Publishes 2014 Immunization Schedule

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have released their updated vaccination recommendations for adults of 19 years and above, having been approved back in October by a series of associations -including the Advisory Committee on Immunization, American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American College of Nurse-Midwives.


Liberia: President Sirleaf Launches Pneumococcal Vaccine, Citing Challenges to Immunization Program - Also Accepts to Continue Advocacy Role for Gavi Activities

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has officially launched the Pneumococcal Vaccine as part of Government's strategy in providing health care for its people. The vaccine is intended for under-one-year-old children, and the full dose is completed when the vaccine is applied three times during the period.