Beyond Ebola, keeping patients and health workers safe

Dr Doussou Touré arrives for work at Coléah Medical Centre. She washes her hands from a bucket set up in front of the building, proceeds to a screening area where her temperature is checked and recorded and only then enters the bustling facility that she supervises.
“Ebola is under control now, but we try to keep up the infection prevention and control systems that were put in place during the outbreak,” Dr Touré says, pointing to several sturdy, brightly-coloured bins, each one designated for the disposal of varying waste matter.

Vaccine Exemptions: Time to Tighten the Rules

Hello. I'm Dr Sandra Fryhofer. Welcome to Medicine Matters. The topic: a new policy[1] on nonmedical exemptions to immunization from the American Medical Association (AMA). This segment also includes highlights of a joint report from the AMA Council on Science and Public Health and AMA Council on Ethics and Judicial Affairs, presented to the House of Delegates at its June 2015 meeting. Here's why it matters.

Avant le sida, ces épidémies combattues avec succès par l’homme

Le sida sera-t-il éradiqué d’ici 2030? L’ONU a réaffirmé en juillet cet objectif, alors que le nombre d’infections a enregistré une baisse de 35% depuis 2000. "Nous allons vers une génération sans sida", s'est réjoui le 14 juillet le secrétaire général de l'ONU, Ban Ki-moon, lors d'une visite dans la capitale ethiopienne, Addis-Abeba.

Bavarian Nordic smallpox vaccine scores two late-stage trial wins

Though it's been eradicated, the threat of a smallpox outbreak is taken very seriously by public health officials, an ongoing concern that's helped Bavarian Nordic pay its bills through the years.

With an announcement Wednesday trumpeting two successful late-stage tests, the company has reason to believe it can advance its business with smallpox vaccine Imvamune.


A Very Short History of Vaccines in America

The battle over whether to enforce vaccination is not new. In fact, it’s older than the United States itself.
In early colonial America, the smallpox virus spread quickly among growing populations, killing as many as half of those who caught it. When one of the earliest forms of immunization — called “inoculation” — was introduced in the West, colonizers fought over whether it was safe.

Smallpox vaccine helps Bavarian Nordic net first full-year profit in 5 years

After a four-year drought, Bavarian Nordic has finally had its first full year of profit, and it has its smallpox vaccine to thank.
The company announced Wednesday that it had a full-year net profit of 25.9 Danish kroner ($3.72 million) and that it expects 1.1 billion kroner ($159 million) in revenue for 2015. The Danish biotech said in its annual report that it made most of its fiscal 2014 revenue from sales of Imvamune, its smallpox vaccine, to the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile.

History of Anti-vaccination Movements

Health and medicine scholars have described vaccination as one of the top ten achievements of public health in the 20th century.[1] Yet, opposition to vaccination has existed as long as vaccination itself[2] (indeed, the pre-vaccination practice of variolation came under criticism as well: see this timeline entry for details).

Lost Small Pox Vials and Anthrax Mishaps

Last week the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention announced that 6 small pox vials had been discovered on the 1st of July during the clearing out of an old laboratory at the Nationality Institute of Health’s (NIH) Bethesda campus, Maryland.

Vaccine development and developing countries

Participation of patients in medical research requires that a balance is struck—between anticipated benefits and potential harms of the new treatment being assessed, and with a view to the broader value of evidence accrued for guiding clinical practice and future research. Tensions can arise, however. Research in low-income settings has sometimes been perceived to be of greater potential benefit to those in high-income countries, where a drug may be marketed after licensing.


Honoring the Life of Ciro de Quadros

Honoring the Life of Dr. Ciro de Quadros