Tuberculosis (TB)

A Strategic Approach to Global Tuberculosis

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Beginning in May 2013, the CSIS Global Health Policy Center (GHPC) organized an active working group, comprised of leading experts on tuberculosis (TB), to examine how TB relates to U.S. national interests, the structure and effectiveness of U.S. TB programs, and the most critical challenges in addressing global TB. 


Infographic: The Next Great Pandemic

Take a look at these informative infographics on TB, Cholera, HIV, pneumonia, and antimicrobal-resistant diseases from the 


5 Big Stories from the World Health Assembly

This week, health leaders from around the world are gathered in Geneva for the World Health Organization’s annual World Health Assembly. Here are five of the key stories coming out of Geneva:

Sixty-seventh World Health Assembly

From the World Health Organization website:


Congo-Brazzaville: Semaine africaine de vaccination - Les femmes en âge de procréer seront vaccinées contre le tétanos

À l'instar d'autres pays africains, la RDC organise cette semaine de vaccination lancée depuis le 21 avril par le ministre de la Santé publique, le Dr Félix Kabange Numbi, au centre de santé Élonga à Masina.

A Tale of Two Diseases: Tuberculosis Control and Malaria Eradication in China

Last month, the World Health Organization declared that China has achieved the Millennium Development Goals target of reversing tuberculosis (TB) incidence by 2015.  According to a recent study published by the Lancet, between 1990 and 2010, China more than halved the prevalence of smear-positive TB.

Germs Rule the World: The new germ theory: Infections play a role in many, many diseases—in ways we're just beginning to understand.

In 1882, Robert Koch discovered that a bacterium was behind the world's leading cause of death: tuberculosis (TB). This brilliant combination of investigative logic and savvy microscopy refuted the conventional wisdom that TB was an inherited disease, or some form of cancer. Rather, TB was caused by a particularly wily and insatiable germ. This finding didn’t just accurately identify the agent behind the world’s leading cause of death. It also established an essential new paradigm for medicine.


Balancing profits against public health in the search for innovative vaccines

DW: What are the issues and the challenges in balancing the profit drivers of the pharmaceutical industry against our public health needs?