Tuberculosis (TB)

Environ 130.000 enfants centrafricains âgés de 0 à 23 mois et les femmes enceintes sont visés par une campagne de vaccination qui démarre le 28 mars

Une semaine d’intensification des activités de vaccination visant 128.930 enfants centrafricains âgés de 0 à 23 mois et les femmes enceintes et en âge de procréer a été lancé à Bangui, le 28 mars 2014, par les autorités du pays en présence des chefs des missions diplomatiques accrédités en Centrafrique et des agences du Système des Nations Unies.


WHO says progress was made in combating HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria in 2013

The World Health Organization regional office for Africa said on Thursday that 2013 was a fairly successful year in the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Scientific Day

Once a year, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) holds MSF Scientific Day – a conference to present scientific research carried out in our programmes around the world.

The next MSF Scientific Day will be streamed live on 23rd May 2014 from the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) in London.


China successfully halves national TB prevalence

A study recently published in The Lancet found that China exceeded its directly observed, short-course strategy for fighting tuberculosis five years before its target date, which may serve as a model for TB reduction strategies.


Super-Cheap Paper Microscope Could Save Millions of Lives

Imagine if clinics in developing countries were equipped with an inexpensive yet durable tool that could help medical personnel identify and diagnose a variety of deadly diseases like Malaria, Chagas disease, or Leishmaniosis? For millions of people around the world waiting to be diagnosed and treated, such a tool could be a life-saver.


China 'has halved its TB problem,' survey data suggests

The Lancet report says the success is due to a huge expansion of a community-based disease control programme.

The World Health Organization says other countries could use a similar approach.

China is a major contributor to the global TB pandemic, accounting for more than one-tenth of cases worldwide.

Lessons from China

The Lancet report reveals what progress China has made on reducing this burden, based on a 20-year-long analysis of national survey data.


Vitamin A may help body fight TB

Vitamin A may assist the human immune system in fighting off tuberculosis, according to a study published on Saturday in theJournal of Immunology.


Médecine du futur: Une vaccination "sur mesure" et sans piqûre?

Les maladies émergentes aggravées par la circulation rapide des personnes dans le globe, les cancers dont certains d'origine virale, la réactivation de maladies infectieuses anciennes, les pathologies respiratoires, le VIH, le paludisme et la tuberculose sont autant d'enjeux pour la recherche et le développement de nouveaux vaccins et de stratégies vaccinales.



This year, the doctors are going to provide coverage of at least 97% of a contingent with preventive vaccinations, according to the national immunization schedule. This will ensure the country's epidemiological wellbeing on infections, the spread of which can be successfully controlled through vaccination.

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Millions of Nigeria children in danger as country runs out of vaccines

An estimated six to seven million Nigerian children of immunizable age are in danger of dying from vaccine-preventable diseases this year, if the Federal Government fails to intervene in the current stock out of vaccines in the country, a body of scientists is warning.
The impact may not be fully felt yet as some states still rely on reserves. Lagos State, for instance, says it still has a three-month supply of BCG (given at birth against tuberculosis) OPV (oral polio virus), Pentavalent combination, measles, yellow fever and tetanus toxoid vaccines).