Yellow Fever

Vaccinating Children Beyond the ‘Cold Chain’: Extending the Heat Stability of Vaccines

Shipping and storing vaccines in a ‘cold chain’ in the tropical heat of many resource-limited countries – whereby the vaccine is kept at temperatures between 2°C to 8°C from the point of manufacture until reaching the recipient – is a tremendous challenge and a major cause of poor immunisation coverage rates.

Congo-Brazzaville: Semaine africaine de vaccination - Les femmes en âge de procréer seront vaccinées contre le tétanos

À l'instar d'autres pays africains, la RDC organise cette semaine de vaccination lancée depuis le 21 avril par le ministre de la Santé publique, le Dr Félix Kabange Numbi, au centre de santé Élonga à Masina.

Afrique: Les cas de fièvre jaune en baisse et passent à 2%

Un officiel du gouvernement zambien a déclaré que ce pays d'Afrique australe a réussi à réduire les cas de fièvre jaune à environ 2 %.


Millions of Nigeria children in danger as country runs out of vaccines

An estimated six to seven million Nigerian children of immunizable age are in danger of dying from vaccine-preventable diseases this year, if the Federal Government fails to intervene in the current stock out of vaccines in the country, a body of scientists is warning.
The impact may not be fully felt yet as some states still rely on reserves. Lagos State, for instance, says it still has a three-month supply of BCG (given at birth against tuberculosis) OPV (oral polio virus), Pentavalent combination, measles, yellow fever and tetanus toxoid vaccines).

Dubai Health Authority in dilemma over shortage of Yellow Fever vaccine

Travel plans of thousands of people are in a quandary as a global shortage of Yellow Fever vaccine has affected the UAE as well. A senior official from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) said on Tuesday that the shortage has been persisting for the last two months.

Yellow fever vaccine production delay affects international travellers

A temporary production delay for the yellow fever vaccine has caused a shortage across North America.
It's affecting international travellers and the deputy medical officer of health for the Saskatoon Health Region says only people going to countries with a high risk of the mosquito-carrying disease are guaranteed to receive the shot.

Le Soudan frappé par la fièvre jaune

L’Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS) signale une nouvelle flambée de fièvre jaune au Soudan.Douze villes du centre du pays sont frappées. Entre le 3 octobre et le 24 novembre, 44 cas suspects ont été recensés. Dont 14 mortels. Soit un taux de létalité de 32%.


Sudanese Health Ministry Plans Mass Vaccination Campaign Against Yellow Fever As Outbreak Spreads

The Sudanese Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) has notified the World Health Organisation (WHO) of a yellow fever outbreak in West and South Kordofan.
Between 3 October and 24 November, a total of 44 suspected cases of yellow fever, including 14 deaths, were reported. The field investigation carried out by the FMOH team revealed that the initially suspected cases were recorded among the seasonal workers coming from the eastern states of Sudan who travelled to West Kordofan to work on the gum Arabic plantations in October.

GAVI Alliance to support yellow fever vaccination campaign in Nigeria

The GAVI Alliance announced on Tuesday that it would support Nigeria’s first new national campaign against yellow fever in close to three decades.


Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety

From the WHO Global Vaccine Safety webpage:

"The Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS) was established in 1999 to respond promptly, efficiently, and with scientific rigour to vaccine safety issues of potential global importance.

The Committee provides independent, authoritative, scientific advice to WHO on vaccine safety issues of global or regional concern with the potential to affect in the short or long term national immunization programmes."