GAVI Alliance bridges China-Africa immunization cooperation

An article from Xinhua News Service
August 17, 2013
GAVI Alliance bridges China-Africa immunization cooperation


GAVI Alliance, formerly the "Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization", held an event to share the Chinese experience of immunization to African health ministers at the China-Africa health forum on Saturday.

The round-table discussion, in partnership with the China's National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), focused on the lessons that can be learnt from China's hepatitis B (Hep B) vaccination program.

"The most important thing in terms of lessons that we can learn from China is the value of political interest in advocacy, implementation, and monitoring (of the vaccination program)," siad Dr. Mercy Ahun, special representative for Gavi Eligible Countries.

In her opinion, political commitment is the bedrock of China's success in the program.

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