Health minister launches malaria control software for Mangaluru

An article from The Times of India
October 17, 2015
MANGALURU: Minister for health and family welfare U T Khader launched malaria control software system (MCS) for Mangaluru city corporation (MCC) on Saturday. 
Khader said that Mangaluru, which has been recording highest number of malaria cases in the state, is the only city in India to have a software system that ensures a streamlined malaria control programme. The system will help in reducing the number of malaria instances in the city drastically, he said adding, "Our goal is to make Mangaluru Zero Malaria City." 
While the state has reported more than 7,800 cases of malaria this year, over 4,000 instances were from Mangaluru, he said. "We need proper mapping of instances, monitoring and also should find the malaria sources. We need to take initiatives to reduce malaria sources. Active participation of field workers, supervisors and cooperation of corporators plays a vital role in controlling malaria. 
B Shantharam Baliga, the Head of the Depaertment of Paediatrics, KMC, said it is possible to control malaria instances in the city through the new software. "It gives clear picture of field visits and follow up actions. It brings accountability among field staff, who have been working to control malaria. We need to think of introducing a comprehensive software that can be used to control all communicable diseases," Dr Baliga said. 
A presentation on MCS was made during the launching programme. MCS is an App/PC based system to track and monitor malaria cases and sources of malaria in the city. The system, which is restricted to registered users. All public users, labs, clinics, hospitals, PHCs should register in the system to report malaria or death incidents. Any malaria incidence reported will be tracked by the corporation till the case is closed. Also, all these cases will be counted for the calculations for reports. 
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