Nigeria: 25 Million Children Never Vaccinated for Measles

An article from AllAfrica
October 19, 2015
More than 25 million children born in the last five years have never had any vaccination against measles, figures show.
They are the target in planned nationwide campaign to immunise at least 39 million children aged nine months to 59 months this November and early next year, according to the National Primary Health Care Development Agency.
"There are still children among those suspected or confirmed cases of measles," said Dr Damaris Onwuka, the agency's director of disease control and immunization. "Over 63 percent are zero doses, which means they have never had any immunisation."
Children routinely get measles vaccination at age nine months but up to six out of every 100 do not get it, and past measles vaccination campaigns have shown more children that were not reached.
National coverage of measles vaccine when combined with oral polio vaccination did not exceed 70 percent between 2003 and 2010.
A first phase of the latest stand-alone measles vaccination will target children in 19 northern states and the FCT between Nov 21 and 25.
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