Nigeria: The Cost of Lassa Fever

An article from AllAfrica
February 4, 2016
The pain seems not to be over yet for a nursing student from Ondo State, as she battles to save her mother from the Lassa Fever virus, having lost her father and brother to the dreaded disease within two weeks.
For some Nigerians, the three months old Lassa Fever outbreak, which has so far taken close to 80 lives in the country, is a 'far away' disease, which probably take the lives of people who are not living normal lives, or who practically eat rats from the bush around their homes. To some others, it's just a conspiracy theory, invented by certain professionals to siphon money or as a form of punishment by God towards bad people.
But to a nursing student from Ondo State, who does not want her name in print, the virus is real and does not know tribe, religion, or one's amount of goodness. It has taken away the men in her life; from her brother to the man she regarded as her number one hero, her father. Yet, the pain is not over yet. Her mother is presently on admission at the Lassa Fever Centre in Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, in Edo State, battling to overcome the scourge.
When the year started, the family intended to make the best use of it and achieve all their plans for the year. But just few days into it, her brother got ill, showing signs of malaria or typhoid. There was no inkling he was suffering from the much talked about Lassa Fever. The nursing student thought the disease only existed on the pages of the newspapers or on televisions. With this perception, it was difficult to take her brother to any of the diagnostic centres for testing.
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