Nigeria: Rotavirus - the Silent Child Killer

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August 18, 2013
Nigeria: Rotavirus - the Silent Child Killer


August 18, 2013 -- Mrs Ebiere Amechi watched helplessly as her baby, Michael, a plump and lively boy, started vomiting and stooling.

The woman has been assured that when babies entered their teething period; incessant stooling and vomiting are usually the precursors.

Ebiere helplessly watched her child slipping away from her, as Michael continued to depreciate in weight each time he passed out stool. She later became frightened and sought the help of her next-door neighbour, Mama Kelechi.

Mama Kelechi made Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) for Michael but when he was not showing any sign of improvement, Ebiere carried her baby and scampered to the hospital.

"This is a case of Rotavirus madam; you are lucky you brought this child here on time," the doctor said.

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