Nobody can explain how a mystery case of Zika spread in Utah

An article by Science Alert
July 19, 2016
Health authorities in the US are baffled by a patient in Utah who appears to have contracted Zika virus through what could be a new channel of infection.
Zika virus is usually spread through mosquito bites (from Aedes aegyptimosquitoes) or through sexual transmission, but in this case neither of those appear to have been involved.
They're not releasing very much information to protect the privacy of the patient and family, only identifying the new case as a "family contact." But it's another new twist in an epidemic that seems to be flummoxing medical experts over and over.
"The new case in Utah is a surprise, showing that we still have more to learn about Zika," said Dr. Erin Staples, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention epidemiologist who's helping in the investigation.
"Fortunately, the patient recovered quickly, and from what we have seen with more than 1,300 travel-associated cases of Zika in the continental United States and Hawaii, non-sexual spread from one person to another does not appear to be common."
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