Polio worker shot as Pakistan holds countrywide vaccination drive

An article from Reuters
February 17, 2016
Gunmen shot and wounded a Pakistani polio worker in the eastern city of Lahore on Wednesday, the latest in a string of attacks against eradication teams in a country that accounts for more than 70 percent of the world's cases of the virus.
More than 100,000 health workers fanned out across Pakistan this week, stepping up a drive to eliminate the polio virus this year from one of its last bastions, despite threats from militants against the vaccination teams.
"Initial reports say that two men on a motorcycle opened fire on the vaccinators and ran away," police spokesman Hammad Haider told Reuters.
A health worker was hit by the bullet in his leg and was rushed to hospital, where he was in stable condition on Wednesday afternoon, he said.
He said it was unclear who was behind the shooting.
More than 4,000 vaccinators are working in Lahore alone and each team is assigned two police officers for security, Haider said, adding that the team that was attacked had set out without a police escort.
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