Tanzania: UN Predicts Burundi Coup Attempt, Warns of Cholera in Tanzania

An article from AllAfrica
November 5, 2015
A United Nations forecast of possible political upheavals and natural disasters in the coming months cites the risk of a coup attempt in Burundi and a "worrying" rate of fatalities from a cholera outbreak in Tanzania.
Concerns about El Niño's humanitarian impact on East Africa are also expressed in the "Alert, Early Warning and Readiness Report" published on Tuesday.
The UN task force that makes the twice-yearly set of projections says "the risk of a new coup attempt remains extant" in Burundi due to deepening divisions within the country's army.
"Crackdowns on dissident soldiers will widen the divide still further," the UN team predicts.
Repressive actions
It also expects repressive actions by the government to spread beyond the capital city, Bujumbura.
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