Influenza (seasonal)

La OMS advierte del riesgo de pandemia de gripe

A pesar de los progresos realizados durante los últimos años en la fabricación de vacunas contra la gripe estacional el riesgo de pandemia global se mantiene a un nivel elevado, según la doctora Marie-Paula Kieny, directora del departamento de Sistemas de Salud e Innovación de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS).

La grippe menace toujours le monde malgré un nombre grandissant de vaccinations

«Nous sommes assurément mieux préparés» qu’il y a dix ans, a dit la sous-directrice générale de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) Marie-Paule Kieny. Mais il reste beaucoup à faire, selon elle.
De trois à cinq millions de cas d’infections humaines sont observés de décembre à mai, a dit une responsable du département des pandémies à l’OMS, Wenqing Zhang. Les virus circulent par les oiseaux sauvages ou domestiques. De la grippe aviaire aux autres souches, 17 types et 11 sous-types peuvent être combinés.

Seasonal influenza vaccines market will hit $4.3 billion by 2025, says GlobalData

The seasonal influenza vaccine market across the seven major markets (7MM) of the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and Japan, will rise from $3.1 billion in 2015 to $4.3 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of 3.3%, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData.


Beyond Ebola, keeping patients and health workers safe

Dr Doussou Touré arrives for work at Coléah Medical Centre. She washes her hands from a bucket set up in front of the building, proceeds to a screening area where her temperature is checked and recorded and only then enters the bustling facility that she supervises.
“Ebola is under control now, but we try to keep up the infection prevention and control systems that were put in place during the outbreak,” Dr Touré says, pointing to several sturdy, brightly-coloured bins, each one designated for the disposal of varying waste matter.

Vaccine in National Immunization Programme Update

WHO, UNICEF, and partners, are in regular dialogue with countries to support effective preparations.

Click here to access the downloadable PowerPoint file from the WHO website or simply click on the image below to read updates on vaccine in national immunization programmes.


Scripps Research Institute, J&J test 'universal' flu vaccine in mice, monkeys

The NIAID may have posted 94% efficacy in mice for its investigational "universal" flu vaccine, but The Scripps Research Institute and partner Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) are hot on its heels. Scripps announced Monday that its most advanced candidate fully protected mice in a lethal challenge. They also conducted a sublethal challenge, where the vaccine reduced fever in monkeys.

OSU researchers point to vaccine-free flu protection

Flu vaccines have grown into a multibillion-dollar business, but researchers at the Ohio State University have published findings that could one day transform the field and put a damper on those figures.

Les chercheurs se rapprochent du vaccin universel contre la grippe

Les vaccins contre la grippe qui sont proposés chaque hiver ne peuvent cibler que certaines souches virales et se basent sur des prévisions. C'est ainsi que l'hiver dernier, le vaccin, composé de souches des virus B, A H1N1 et H3N2, n'a pu être pleinement efficace car le virus a muté et c'est une souche différente qui a provoqué l'épidémie.

Discovery points to a new path toward a universal flu vaccine

Flu vaccines can be something of a shot in the dark. Not only must they be given yearly, there's no guarantee the strains against which they protect will be the ones circulating once the season arrives.


The most predictable disaster in the history of the human race

Bill Gates is an optimist.

Ask him, and he'll tell you himself. "I'm very optimistic," he says. See?