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UN failing cholera victims in Haiti five years after outbreak

The United Nations is miserably failing the victims of the cholera epidemic its personnel triggered in Haiti five years ago, with thousands left waiting for access to effective medical treatment and compensation, said Amnesty International.

There were no new cases of Ebola in West Africa last week for the first time since March 2014

Not a single person tested positive for Ebola last week in the three West African nations devastated by the deadly virus, the first time that has happened since March 2014, the World Health Organization reported Wednesday.
The epidemic that killed more than 11,000 people and sparked panic in the Unites States during the summer of 2014 is now confined to small areas of Guinea and Sierra Leone, the international health agency reported.

Sida, tuberculose, paludisme : 17 millions de vies sauvées par le Fonds mondial depuis sa création

L’impact des actions menées par le Fonds mondial de lutte contre le sida, la tuberculose et le paludisme est de plus en plus important, se félicite ce partenariat international, créé en 2002 pour faire face aux trois pandémies. Son rapport annuel, rendu public lundi 21 septembre, évalue à 17 millions, à la fin de 2014, le nombre de vies qui ont été sauvées grâce à ses interventions depuis qu’il est en activité. L’objectif pour la fin de 2016 est de parvenir à 22 millions de vies sauvées en cumulé.

UAE schools to immunise students for free against deadly measles

After the successful polio vaccination programme for students, UAE authorities have now launched a measles immunisation campaign in the country.
The National Measles Immunisation Campaign will target everyone between the ages of 1 and 18 years.
The Ministry of Health and the health authorities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are urging UAE residents to make the campaign a success and help eliminate the disease from the UAE.

Ukraine health officials fear big polio outbreak

Health officials in Ukraine are gripped by fears of a major polio outbreak, after it was announced this month that the disease had paralysed two children in the south-western region of Trans-Carpathia.
Concerns that the virus could cut a deadly swathe through the country has mobilised officials to launch a national immunisation campaign that would embrace all children up to 10 years old.

Une souche vaccinale du virus de la polio détectée au Mali

Le Mali est "en état d'alerte" après qu'un cas de poliomyélite dérivé d'une souche vaccinale a été confirmé, a annoncé lundi 7 septembre 2015 l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS). "Le pays est en état d'alerte après que les autorités de Bamako, la capitale et la plus grande ville du pays, ont détecté un cas dont la date de paralysie remonte au 20 juillet 2015", explique l'OMS dans un communiqué.

Merck's Zostavax not cost-effective for those in their 50s: Study

The CDC doesn't currently recommend Merck's ($MRK) shingles vaccine, Zostavax, for those between the ages of 50 and 60. And a new analysis of the vaccine's cost-effectiveness in that population suggests it should stay that way.

West African Child Is Paralyzed by Vaccine-Derived Polio

A case of vaccine-derived polio has paralyzed a child in Bamako, the capital of Mali, and an emergency vaccination drive is being organized to forestall an outbreak, the World Health Organization announced Monday.
It is the first time the disease has been seen in Mali since 2011. The patient is a Guinean child whose parents traveled to Bamako seeking medical care. The child’s virus is a close genetic match to a strain last detected in a nearby region of Guinea in 2014.

MSF warns that Sanofi leaving antivenom market will lead to treatment crisis

Sanofi Pasteur says it let the world know 5 years ago that it would quit making Fav-Afrique, a snakebite antivenom, because cheaper products had left it unable to compete. But Doctors Without Borders this week said the other products are not as effective and said an impending shortage will lead to unnecessary deaths, often of children.

Sierra Leone News: Sustainable Immunization symposium ends

Sustainable immunization Financing (SIF) is an initiative of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, which is an advocacy programme that helps countries finding long-term reliable financing for their national immunization programme.
SIF works with key national decision-makers to find ways to increase domestic immunization funding and lessen dependency on outside donors and partners.