Injection Safety

WHO: Tests show new Ebola vaccine is 'highly effective'

Results of early tests of a new vaccine for Ebola shows it to be "highly effective," the World Health Organization said Friday.
"This is an extremely promising development," said Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of the WHO. "The credit goes to the Guinean Government, the people living in the communities and our partners in this project. An effective vaccine will be another very important tool for both current and future Ebola outbreaks."

Derby University students in HIV scare get payouts

A group of students put at risk of contracting HIV when they were given blood tests with re-used syringe barrels have received payouts.
More than 600 Derby University students given blood tests or vaccinations by the same health worker from 2005 to 2013 were contacted last year.
Fifty have now received compensation after being put at risk of infection.
Their solicitors said they had suffered "stress and worry" while awaiting test results.

'Leaky' Vaccines May Cause Super-Virulent Strains of a Virus to Survive

Could vaccines cause more virulent viruses? Researchers have conducted experiments with the herpesvirus that causes Marek's disease in poultry and have found that some vaccines could allow more-virulent versions of a virus to survive.


Buhari and Obama can end polio in Africa

For every one of the almost 70 years I have lived in Nigeria, children – often by the hundreds – have become paralyzed from a virus that I’ve spent my professional life trying to stop. But this year may be different. 
Since July 24, 2014, one year ago this week, Nigeria has not recorded a single case of wild poliovirus. This is the first time this has happened in history. If Nigeria is able to stay on track, it can be removed from the short list of countries that have never halted polio transmission.  

EU Drug Regulator Starts Safety Review of HPV Vaccines

The European Medicines Agency says it has started a review of cervical cancer vaccines to see if they are linked to two rare conditions, but emphasized it hasn't changed its recommendations for how the shots should be used.
The vaccines against HPV have been used in more than 70 million people worldwide and prevent cancers caused by HPV, including those of the cervix and womb.

12,000 Sydney dental patients may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis

About 12,000 dental patients in Sydney are at risk of having contracted HIV or other blood-borne viruses after an investigation found equipment has not been sterilised and cleaned properly in practices across the city.
NSW Health has confirmed six dentists have had their registration suspended and one dentist’s practice has been closed after patient complaints in November and December last year led to the discovery of breaches in infection control.

Ghana Halts Ebola Vaccine Trial Due to Community Protests

Ghana has halted a plan to test two Ebola vaccines in an eastern town after legislators backed local protests against the trials sparked by fears of contamination, officials said on Wednesday.
The country's Food and Drugs Authority said it had begun enlisting volunteers in Hohoe in the Volta region to be injected with drugs made by Johnson & Johnson and Bavarian Nordic as part of a global Ebola vaccine drive.
Youth leaders threatened to boycott the programme. "We don't want to be guinea pigs," one local leader told Reuters.

Massachusetts General Hospital pits BCG vaccine against Type I diabetes in Ph II

The generic BCG vaccine is already approved to treat bladder cancer as well as its original target: the prevention of tuberculosis. And another indication may be on the horizon as Massachusetts General Hospital got an OK from the FDA for a Phase II trial of the vaccine's ability to help patients with Type I diabetes.

De la pénurie à la controverse, le point sur la vaccination en France

Les difficultés d’approvisionnement depuis plusieurs mois de certains vaccins pédiatriques, couplées à des décisions de justice médiatisées et à une pétition relayée par les réseaux sociaux ont relancé le débat sur la vaccination des jeunes enfants en France. Vaccins obligatoires ou recommandés, en pénurie, critiqués… Le point sur une question sensible.
Quels vaccins sont obligatoires ou recommandés ?

Appalachia Gripped by Hepatitis C Epidemic, Bracing for HIV

Patton Couch shook his head and clenched his teeth, recounting the night four years ago when he plucked a dirty needle from a pile at a flophouse and jabbed it into his scarred arm.
He knew the odds; most of the addicts in the room probably had hepatitis C.
"All I cared about was how soon and how fast I could get it in," he says. "I hated myself, it was misery. But when you're in the grips of it, the only way I thought I could escape it was one more time."