Kenya: MSF warns of future cholera spike if poor water and sanitation conditions in Wajir are not urgently addressed

As the rainy season approaches in Wajir in northeastern Kenya, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is warning that the substandard water and sanitation situation is creating ideal conditions for a future increase in cholera cases. While today patient numbers in the cholera treatment centre in Wajir Hospital are stable, the organization is urging for an immediate improvement in sanitation services to avoid another spike in the outbreak.

Sud-Kivu: 100 cas de choléra enregistré à Uvira, 2 morts

Plus de cent nouveaux cas de choléra, dont deux décès, ont été enregistrés dans la zone de santé d’Uvira (Sud-Kivu) depuis le mois de janvier dernier.
Selon le chargé de communication de cette zone de santé, Jaime Saidi, les deux personnes sont mortes à cause d’un transfert tardif au centre de traitement.

Africa: WHO Approves Third Producer for Cholera Vaccine

The global supply of oral cholera vaccines (OCV) is set to double this year after the World Health Organisation approved a third producer, helping to address global shortages and expand access in more countries.
The vaccine producer, a South Korean company called EuBiologics, is the latest oral cholera vaccine manufacturer to be approved under the WHO's pre-qualification programme, which ensures that drugs and vaccines bought by countries and international procurement agencies such as Unicef meet acceptable standards of quality, safety and efficacy.

Tanzania: WHO Warns Cholera Could Be Here for Months

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that efforts to contain cholera, which has killed over 200 people in Tanzania since last August, may not bear fruit soon unless there is a major overhaul of sanitation systems.
The WHO representative in the country, Dr Rufaro Chatora, told The Citizen in an exclusive interview that the government's efforts to control the disease must include the repair of sanitation systems.

WHO to double cholera vaccine stockpile

The WHO hopes to address global shortages of cholera vaccines by doubling its supply in 2016. Just three companies currently have the world body's stamp of approval to create these medicines.


Tanzania: WHO Warning on Cholera Timely - Let's Act Promptly

The warning by the World Health Organisation (WHO) over the apparently unstoppable spread of cholera in Tanzania should act as a wake-up call for health authorities to spring into action. For more than four months now, the disease has slowly but steadily spread around the country, killing scores of people.
Despite this disturbing situation, authorities have not responded with the necessary urgency. There doesn't seem to be ample public education on how to control the deadly disease that is spread by bacteria through poor hygiene.

Haïti-Santé : Des Ong plaident en faveur de l’éradication du choléra

Le Comité de coordination des Organisations non gouvernementales (Ong) en Haïti (Cco en Haïti) [1] encourage les acteurs nationaux et internationaux, notamment les bailleurs de fonds, à continuer à apporter leur soutien dans la lutte contre le choléra pendant l’année 2016 et pendant les cinq prochaines années.

UNHCR battles cholera at world's largest refugee complex

Health workers at the world's largest refugee complex in Kenya are gaining the upper hand in battling a cholera outbreak that has killed 10 people and sickened around 1,000 others since it broke out last month amid rains linked to El Niño.
Cholera, an often fatal water-borne bacterial illness, which causes fever, vomiting and watery diarrhoea, flared up in mid-November at Dadaab, which comprises five camps hosting 347,000 refugees and asylum seekers, the majority fleeing violence in Somalia.

Cholera Outbreak Hits Eastern Malawi

Malawi is experiencing an outbreak of cholera, two months after the start of the rainy season. Health authorities say the water-borne disease has hit most residents of three districts around Lake Chilwa in eastern Malawi.
The first cholera cases were reported in the eastern districts of Machinga and Zomba on December 19 when one person died and 26 others were receiving treatment at public hospitals.

Choléra – Iraq

Le point focal national RSI pour l’Iraq a notifié à l’OMS des cas supplémentaires de choléra, confirmés en laboratoire.