Cholera – Iraq

WHO received notification from the National IHR Focal Point of Iraq of additional laboratory-confirmed cases of cholera.

WHO continues to support the cholera outbreak response in Iraq as cases decline

The cholera outbreak in Iraq has continued to decline over the past 3 weeks with a few cases being reported from the affected districts or governorates. A total of 4858 laboratory-confirmed cases tested at provincial laboratories have been reported from the country, with 2 related deaths as of 17 November 2015.

In Iraq, taking steps to stamp out cholera

With an outbreak of cholera threatening to spread further, UNICEF has launched a campaign to inform vulnerable communities on basic measures for prevention and treatment.
DOHUK, Iraq, 9 November 2015 – In Domiz refugee camp in Dohuk, northern Iraq, Elhani is gathering a group of very excited schoolchildren and having them stand in a circle.
It’s Global Handwashing Day, and normal classes at Kobani primary school have been suspended for a while as children learn an equally important lesson: how to prevent cholera.

Tanzania: UN Predicts Burundi Coup Attempt, Warns of Cholera in Tanzania

A United Nations forecast of possible political upheavals and natural disasters in the coming months cites the risk of a coup attempt in Burundi and a "worrying" rate of fatalities from a cholera outbreak in Tanzania.
Concerns about El Niño's humanitarian impact on East Africa are also expressed in the "Alert, Early Warning and Readiness Report" published on Tuesday.

Irak: campagne de vaccination contre le choléra

L'Irak a débuté une vaste campagne de vaccination pour enrayer l'épidémie de choléra qui a infecté plus de 2200 personnes, annonce le ministère de la Santé dans un communiqué.
La campagne, lancée hier, se concentre sur la vaccination des populations déplacées par des conflits, notamment la guerre contre le groupe Etat islamique (EI), a précisé la ministre de la Santé. Un demi million de doses orales du vaccin -assez pour traiter 250.000 personnes- ont été acheminées par l'Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS).

Mozambique: Cholera Reappears in Northern Mozambique

Cholera has reappeared in the northern Mozambican provinces of Nampula and Niassa.
Speaking at a Maputo press conference on Tuesday, the Deputy National Director of Health, Benigna Matsinhe, said that in Nampula city 299 cases of cholera have been diagnosed since the beginning of September. There were a further 180 cases in Malema district, three of whom have died.

WHO mobilizes 510 000 doses of oral cholera vaccine to help control the cholera outbreak in Iraq

Erbil, Iraq - An estimated 250 000 displaced persons will be targeted during the oral cholera vaccine (OCV) campaign to help control cholera outbreak in Iraq.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has mobilized 510 000 doses of OCV, and the 2-dose campaign is part of a strategy to prevent cholera transmission in high-risk areas and avert a potentially large-scale cholera outbreak in the 62 camps for refugees and internally displaced people. 

Choléra: l'OMS intensifie sa risposte en Afrique et en Méditerranée orientale

L’Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS) intervient contre de multiples flambées de choléra pouvant s’aggraver et menacer la santé de populations plus nombreuses si les mesures de lutte ne sont pas intensifiées. Elle a besoin d’urgence de plus de 5 millions de dollars (US $) pour renforcer sa riposte afin d’endiguer les flambées de choléra avant la saison des pluies.

U.N. targets thousands in vaccination drive against cholera in Iraq

The World Health Organization (WHO) is launching a campaign to vaccinate 255,000 people against cholera in Iraq over the next month, in a bid to contain the country's first major cholera outbreak since 2012, the U.N. agency said.
The WHO said the first doses of the vaccine are expected to be administered in the next few days in response to the outbreak which has infected 2,055 people since mid-September.

Cholera spreading in Iraq, suspected case reported in Syria – UN health agency

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that it would start vaccine treatments for cholera beginning this weekend to prevent further outbreaks in Iraq, where the disease has now been confirmed in 15 out of 18 governorates, while the agency also reported a suspected case was also found in northern Syria.
WHO spokesperson Christian Lindmeier told the regular press briefing in Geneva, Switzerland, that the latest laboratory tests had confirmed 1,942 cases and two deaths in 15 out of 18 governorates in Iraq.