Haïti-Choléra : 15 décès et environ 120 personnes infectées, en septembre 2015 à Marigot (Sud-Est)

5 personnes sont décédés et environ 120 autres ont été infectées du choléra, entre le 1er et le 30 septembre 2015, dans la commune de Marigot (département du Sud­-Est), apprend AlterPresse.
Parmi les 15 décès, 9 ont été recensés dans les institutions et 6 dans des communautés.
Cette propagation de la maladie du choléra serait due à un sépulcre d’une personne morte de choléra, établi dans la zone, selon les témoignages recueillis par AlterPresse.

Tanzania: Cholera Spread Seen Shrinking

EFFORTS by government and other partners in the fight to control the outbreak of cholera that has been devastating Dar es Saalam and three other regions are yielding results as the number of new cases has gone down.

Iraq Facing Cholera Outbreak as Public Services Deteriorate

Iraq is experiencing a marked increase in the number of cases of cholera, due to poor sanitation, unclean drinking water and the country's deteriorating electricity network.
Public service messages explain to Iraqis the dangers of cholera, how it is spread, and what its symptoms look like. Iraqi officials report over 120 cases of cholera in recent days in the capital Baghdad, nearby Abu Ghreib, and Najaf.

Iraqi authorities on high cholera alert

Iraqi authorities are taking strict measures to contain the outbreak of cholera in the country after the death of four people, officials said on Monday.
"The Iraqi ministry of health started a plan aimed at controlling the spread of disease by closely monitoring the situation and implementing cholera contingency measures, distributing medicines and supplies to hospitals and medical centers in areas where the disease spreads," a ministry spokesman told Xinhua news agency.

Cholera – United Republic of Tanzania

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) of Tanzania has notified WHO of foci of cholera outbreaks in the country. Rorya district in the Mara region of Tanzania was the first area to report a cholera outbreak. By late July 2015, the Kigoma region also became affected – although no new case has been recorded in this area in more than three weeks. On 25 August, new foci of cholera were identified in Dar es Salaam, Pwani (Coast), Iringa and Morogoro. The cholera outbreak in the Dar es Salaam region began on 15 August, whilst the outbreak in the Morogoro region started on 18 August.

South Sudan: MSF completes cholera vaccination campaign in Juba

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has completed a targeted cholera vaccination campaign reaching over 160,000 people in Juba. The vaccination campaign, undertaken in coordination with the South Sudanese Ministry of Health, provides additional protection against cholera to people living in areas most-affected by the current outbreak, helping to reduce spread of cholera within those neighbourhoods.

Yemen: ‘worrying outbreak’ of dengue fever prompts UN health agency appeal for safe humanitarian corridor

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) is appealing for a safe corridor to reach more than 3 million people in war-torn Yemen’s most populated governorate, Taiz, where “an extreme spike” in cases of dengue fever has been recorded over the past two weeks.
“There is an urgent need for a humanitarian corridor to assess the situation and institute control measures,” said Dr. Ala Alwan, WHO’s Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean.

Tanzania: We Need Effective Strategies to Fight Cholera

THREE days ago, the Minister for Health and Social Welfare Dr Seif Rashid broke bad news, as he informed the media that eight people had died and more than 200 were admitted to hospitals in two weeks since cholera broke out in Morogoro and Dar es Salaam regions.
We should remember that the outbreak was first announced in Dar es Salaam on August 15 this year and two days later some cholera cases were reported in Morogoro Region.

WHO: Tanzania Cholera Epidemic Worsens

GENEVA— The World Health Organization and Tanzanian Ministry of Health are stepping up efforts to contain and discover the source of a cholera epidemic that so far has killed eight people and infected more than 400 others.
WHO data indicates the fast-spreading epidemic broke out in the Dar es Salaam and Morogoro regions nearly two weeks ago; the Dar es Salaam region has been most adversely affected with 354 cases and seven deaths.
WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier tells VOA the outbreak caught health officials by surprise.

Single Cholera Vaccine Dose May Slow Cholera Epidemics

When it comes to a vaccine to prevent cholera, one dose may be as good as two. That is the finding of a new study whose authors say the strategy would make a new vaccine that is in short supply go further.
The World Health Organization is stockpiling 2 million doses of a recently licensed oral cholera vaccine to prevent the severe diarrheal illness.  
An estimated 1.4 billion people around the world, according to the WHO, are at risk for contracting the water-borne illness, making the stockpile woefully inadequate to meet the need.