Iraq faces cholera outbreak and Red Crescent takes several measures to fight it

The Iraqi Ministry of Health has announced that more than 1800 cases of cholera infections have been recorded so far in Baghdad and other Iraqi governorates, among them six fatalities resulting from the disease’s spread. According to the ministry, cholera might have resulted from the scarcity of water in the country, and people relying on wells and polluted water instead to make up for their needs.

Cholera – United Republic of Tanzania

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) of the United Republic of Tanzania has notified WHO of new foci of cholera outbreaks in the country. As of 13 October, 13 regions have been affected, namely Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Pwani, Kigoma, Kilimanjaro, Iringa, Dodoma, Geita, Mara, Singida, Shinyaga, Mwanza and Zanzibar. As of 19 October, the cumulative number of cases is 4,835 cases, including 68 deaths. The region of Dar es Salam accounts for 72% of all reported cases (3,460). Zanzibar has reported 140 cases.
Public health response

Call for nominations for experts to serve on a SAGE Working Group on Oral Cholera Vaccines

Cholera has produced 7 pandemics and remains a significant and neglected public health threat, which disproportionately affects the poor and imposes significant economic costs. Cholera outbreaks continue to spread across many countries with dramatic consequences, overwhelming stretched health systems and diverting resources from other programs. Endemic situations are not controlled in a number of rural and urban settings in Africa, Asia and Haiti.

L'ONU manque à ses devoirs envers les victimes du choléra en Haïti, cinq ans après le début de l'épidémie

Les Nations unies manquent gravement à leur devoir envers les victimes de l'épidémie de choléra que son personnel a déclenchée en Haïti il y a cinq ans, des milliers de malades étant dans l'attente d'un accès à des traitements efficaces et à des indemnisations, a déclaré Amnesty International.

Cholera – Iraq

WHO has received notification from the National IHR Focal Point of Iraq of additional laboratory-confirmed cases of cholera.

UN failing cholera victims in Haiti five years after outbreak

The United Nations is miserably failing the victims of the cholera epidemic its personnel triggered in Haiti five years ago, with thousands left waiting for access to effective medical treatment and compensation, said Amnesty International.

Irak: plus de 1 200 cas de choléra recensés

Le nombre de cas confirmés de choléra en Irak s'est élevé à 1 201, a annoncé aujourd'hui le ministère de la Santé, en référence à une épidémie qui s'est déclenchée il y a un mois aux abords de l'Euphrate. "Au 7 octobre 2015, il y a 1.201 cas confirmés", a indiqué dans un communiqué le ministère de la Santé, précisant que la majorité des personnes touchées avaient été guéries.

Haïti-Choléra : 15 décès et environ 120 personnes infectées, en septembre 2015 à Marigot (Sud-Est)

5 personnes sont décédés et environ 120 autres ont été infectées du choléra, entre le 1er et le 30 septembre 2015, dans la commune de Marigot (département du Sud­-Est), apprend AlterPresse.
Parmi les 15 décès, 9 ont été recensés dans les institutions et 6 dans des communautés.
Cette propagation de la maladie du choléra serait due à un sépulcre d’une personne morte de choléra, établi dans la zone, selon les témoignages recueillis par AlterPresse.

Tanzania: Cholera Spread Seen Shrinking

EFFORTS by government and other partners in the fight to control the outbreak of cholera that has been devastating Dar es Saalam and three other regions are yielding results as the number of new cases has gone down.

Iraq Facing Cholera Outbreak as Public Services Deteriorate

Iraq is experiencing a marked increase in the number of cases of cholera, due to poor sanitation, unclean drinking water and the country's deteriorating electricity network.
Public service messages explain to Iraqis the dangers of cholera, how it is spread, and what its symptoms look like. Iraqi officials report over 120 cases of cholera in recent days in the capital Baghdad, nearby Abu Ghreib, and Najaf.