How the Internet is Helping Prevent the Spread of Disease in Tacloban

Emergencies are a breeding ground for disease. Aside from the immediate destructive effects of earthquakes, conflict, tsunamis, or in the case of the Philippines, typhoons, local populations are often subject to devastating outbreaks of typhoid, cholera and other infectious diseases brought about by the collapse of infrastructure and utilities and cramped, unsanitary living conditions.

PaxVax secures $22 million in funding for cholera vaccine

PaxVax, Inc., a Menlo Park, California-based vaccine developer, announced on Wednesday that it completed a $22 million financing round, which it will use to fund a clinical trial program for its cholera vaccine candidate.

PaxVax will use the capital from its Series B financing round to continue to fund its recently initiated Phase III clinical trial program for PXVX0200, its single-dose oral cholera vaccine candidate. The program is comprised of cholera safety, challenge and immunogenicity studies.


Congo-Kinshasa: Sud-Kivu - L'épidémie de choléra officiellement déclarée

Le nombre de cas de choléra enregistrés dans la zone de santé de Kadutu, dans la ville de Bukavu depuis le 28 novembre dernier s'élève à 132, selon les statistiques publiées vendredi 6 décembre 2013 par les autorités sanitaires. Le gouverneur de province, Marcelin Chisambo, a officiellement déclaré le samedi 7 décembre l'épidémie de choléra dans l'ensemble de la province du Sud-Kivu, qui compte 2 660 cas dont 17 décès depuis juillet.


Oral cholera vaccine ‘offers protection for five years’

Cholera can now be prevented effectively for five years with an oral vaccine, a clinical trial in India has shown.


ZIMBABWE: Typhoid and cholera return

More than 100 people in the Zimbabwean capital Harare and Chitungwiza, a dormitory town 35km southeast of the city, have contracted typhoid this month, and the dilapidated water and sanitation systems are again being blamed for another round of water-borne diseases. 


Conditions ripe for cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe

Conditions in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, are ripe for another outbreak of cholera, the waterborne disease that claimed an estimated 4,200 lives in the country between 2008 and 2009, according to a new report by Human Rights Watch (HRW).


WHO reports new confirmed cases of cholera in Mexico

The World Health Organization announced on Wednesday that four additio


2013 Cholera Report Overview West and Central Africa (as of 5 November 2013)


  • 24,519 cholera cases and 484 deaths have been reported in 17 countries in West and Central Africa in 2013 -- 64 per cent less than last year.

  • The most affected countries by number are DRC, the Republic of Congo, and Guinea Bissau.

  • The peak months of cholera occurred between mid-March to mid-April; the lowest period of reported cases was from mid-June to mid-July.


R.Dominicana registra 96 muertes por dengue y 38 por cólera durante el 2013

República Dominicana registra 96 víctimas mortales a causa del dengue en lo que va de año, mientras otras 38 han fallecido por el cólera, según informaron hoy fuentes oficiales.

En 2013 se han reportado en el país 13.084 casos probables de dengue, 276 de los cuales han sido graves, afirmó en un acto público el ministro de Salud Pública dominicano, Freddy Hidalgo.

El funcionario destacó que la incidencia del dengue en el país ha sido menor a lo que se había esperado, sin embargo, lamentó el alto número de fallecidos.


Cholera death toll rises to 86

The Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu yesterday confirmed that 86 persons have died from cholera while 1, 623 confirmed cases of  the diseases has been reported in six states.