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IAIM Joint Regional Meeting for Asia and the Pacific

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Vaccines alliance signs $5 million advance deal for Merck's Ebola shot

The Gavi global alliance for vaccines and immunization group signed a $5 million advance purchase commitment on Wednesday to buy a vaccine being developed by Merck to protect against future outbreaks of the deadly Ebola virus.
Gavi said the agreement would help the U.S. drugmaker take the experimental Ebola vaccine through late-stage clinical trials to licensing and then through pre-qualification by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Haïti-Santé : Des Ong plaident en faveur de l’éradication du choléra

Le Comité de coordination des Organisations non gouvernementales (Ong) en Haïti (Cco en Haïti) [1] encourage les acteurs nationaux et internationaux, notamment les bailleurs de fonds, à continuer à apporter leur soutien dans la lutte contre le choléra pendant l’année 2016 et pendant les cinq prochaines années.

Grippe aviaire : le Lot, septième département à être touché

Un septième département vient d’être touché par la grippe aviaire. Il s’agit du Lot, a annoncé, mardi 5 janvier, le ministère de l’agriculture sur son site Internet. Le nombre de foyers d’influenza aviaire hautement pathogène pour les volailles se chiffre désormais à 65 dans le Sud-Ouest de la France.

Cholera Outbreak Hits Eastern Malawi

Malawi is experiencing an outbreak of cholera, two months after the start of the rainy season. Health authorities say the water-borne disease has hit most residents of three districts around Lake Chilwa in eastern Malawi.
The first cholera cases were reported in the eastern districts of Machinga and Zomba on December 19 when one person died and 26 others were receiving treatment at public hospitals.

WHO mobilizes 510 000 doses of oral cholera vaccine to help control the cholera outbreak in Iraq

Erbil, Iraq - An estimated 250 000 displaced persons will be targeted during the oral cholera vaccine (OCV) campaign to help control cholera outbreak in Iraq.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has mobilized 510 000 doses of OCV, and the 2-dose campaign is part of a strategy to prevent cholera transmission in high-risk areas and avert a potentially large-scale cholera outbreak in the 62 camps for refugees and internally displaced people. 

Tuberculosis now rivals AIDS as leading cause of death -WHO

For the first time, tuberculosis infections rivaled HIV/AIDS as a leading cause of death from infectious diseases, the World Health Organization said in a report released on Wednesday.
It found that during 2014, 1.1 million people died of TB in 2014. During the same period, HIV/AIDS killed 1.2 million people globally, including 400,000 who were infected with both HIV and TB.

Namibia to Introduce New Polio Vaccine in 2016

A much safer polio vaccine will be introduced to Namibia in April next year when the country transitions from trivalent live oral poliomyelitis vaccine (ToPV) to bivalent oral polio vaccine (BoPV), the Ministry of Health and Social Services said this week.
Marjorie van Wyk, the Acting Deputy Director for the Family Health Division in the Ministry of Health and Social Services, explained that the introduction of the new vaccine means the strains of polio type two will not be present in the new vaccine, thus making it safer.

Sanofi, Gates Foundation and IDRI team up to improve vaccine development process

In recent months, experts have raised concerns about the time and costs involved in developing lifesaving vaccines. Now, Sanofi Pasteur, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) are joining together to do their part to improve things.

Coronavirus Mers: un patient à nouveau touché

Un Sud-Coréen déclaré guéri du coronavirus Mers a été diagnostiqué à nouveau avec le virus mortel, un revers pour Séoul qui espérait être déclaré exempt de l'épidémie, a anononcé aujourd'hui le ministère sud-coréen de la Santé.