Haemophilus Influenzae (including Hib)

Vacciner en situation humanitaire - des moyens encore loin des ambitions affichées

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) mène actuellement une campagne de vaccination anti pneumococcique (PCV) et anti Haemophilus (Hib) pour protéger environ 10 000 enfants réfugiés contre les infections respiratoires, dans la région d'Adjumani, au nord de l'Ouganda.
Ce type de vaccination recommandée par l'Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS) en situation d'urgence humanitaire reste cependant difficile à mettre en œuvre.
Depuis l'année dernière, l'OMS préconise d'augmenter le nombre de vaccins offerts dans ces situations d'urgence.

The economic and social benefits of childhood vaccinations in BRICS

The international community has successfully promoted childhood vaccination as an essential public health intervention.


GAVI Alliance wants Indian government to bolster immunisation programme

With a view to ensure that childhood vaccination becomes a key priority for the new Indian government, GAVI Alliance, a public-private partnership committed to saving children’s lives and protecting people’s health by increasing access to immunisation in poor countries, has called for renewed efforts in India to bolster routine immunisation coverage and protect more children from vaccine preventable disease.

Environ 130.000 enfants centrafricains âgés de 0 à 23 mois et les femmes enceintes sont visés par une campagne de vaccination qui démarre le 28 mars

Une semaine d’intensification des activités de vaccination visant 128.930 enfants centrafricains âgés de 0 à 23 mois et les femmes enceintes et en âge de procréer a été lancé à Bangui, le 28 mars 2014, par les autorités du pays en présence des chefs des missions diplomatiques accrédités en Centrafrique et des agences du Système des Nations Unies.


Immunize Canada announces the new ImmunizeCA App

Visit Immunize Canada about the ImmunizeCA appFrom Immunize Canada's website:

ImmunizeCA App

What it does

Provide Canadians with the ability to:



This year, the doctors are going to provide coverage of at least 97% of a contingent with preventive vaccinations, according to the national immunization schedule. This will ensure the country's epidemiological wellbeing on infections, the spread of which can be successfully controlled through vaccination.

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Millions of Nigeria children in danger as country runs out of vaccines

An estimated six to seven million Nigerian children of immunizable age are in danger of dying from vaccine-preventable diseases this year, if the Federal Government fails to intervene in the current stock out of vaccines in the country, a body of scientists is warning.
The impact may not be fully felt yet as some states still rely on reserves. Lagos State, for instance, says it still has a three-month supply of BCG (given at birth against tuberculosis) OPV (oral polio virus), Pentavalent combination, measles, yellow fever and tetanus toxoid vaccines).

CDC Publishes 2014 Immunization Schedule

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have released their updated vaccination recommendations for adults of 19 years and above, having been approved back in October by a series of associations -including the Advisory Committee on Immunization, American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American College of Nurse-Midwives.


Meet the emerging world’s vaccine pioneers

Vaccines work wonders. They prevent disease from striking, which is better than treating it after the fact. They are also relatively cheap and easy to deliver. Yet millions of children do not get them. This has always been stunning to me. When we started the Gates Foundation 15 years ago, we assumed that all of the obvious steps were already being taken, and that we would have to go after the expensive or unproven solutions. In fact, delivering basic vaccines is still one of our top priorities.