Vaccine refusers to miss out on $2000 family payments

An article from The Telegraph
August 17, 2013
Vaccine refusers to miss out on $2000 family payments


August 17, 2013 -- Kevin Rudd has promised to strip families who refuse to vaccinate their children of family payments worth up to $2000.

In a get-tough message to 'vaccine refusers' who ignore doctors' advice to immunise children against life-threatening diseases such as chicken pox, polio and whooping cough, the Prime Minister will pledge today that if re-elected he will deny them Family Tax Benefit A end-of-year supplements.

The payments are worth $726 per child and are paid when children are one, two and five years of age when children are fully immunised in accordance with the official schedule of vaccines.

In total, the family payments are worth over $2000 per child.

The announcement follows The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph's No Jab, No Play campaign, which asked the federal and State governments to take action against parents who failed to immunise children.

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