WHO: Cholera Outbreaks Threaten Africa, Mideast

An article from Voice of America
October 22, 2015
The World Health Organization is stepping up efforts to control multiple cholera outbreaks in Africa and the Middle East to prevent the disease from spreading and threatening the health of thousands of people.
More than 10,700 cholera cases and 170 deaths are reported in five countries in the Eastern Mediterranean and African regions, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.
WHO officials say they are alarmed at the prospect of this deadly disease spreading if urgent control measures are not taken.
WHO's Dr. Dominique Legros, who heads U.N. agency's Department of Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases, says he is particularly worried about the cholera situation in the African Region where the worst El Nino conditions in the past 20 years are forecast.  
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