Zimbabwe children still at great risk of HIV/AIDS, new data shows

An article from Reuters
December 10, 2015
BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Janet Dube knows the pain of raising a child born with HIV.
Her four-year-old son is one of an estimated 170,000 children living with HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe, and figures released by the country's statistics agency on Wednesday showed the virus is the leading cause of death among children under five.
A Census Analysis Mortality Report from 1992-2012 revealed that despite progress in fighting the virus, HIV and AIDS had claimed the lives of thousands of Zimbabwean children under five.
"I live in constant fear about my child's health as he sometimes skips medication when we fail to travel to the city (Bulawayo) to get (medication)," Dube, 27, from Filabusi, about 100km (60 miles) from Bulawayo, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
Dube, however, is one of the lucky HIV patients who gets free antiretroviral therapy (ART) from a government hospital, though she sometimes goes without medication for herself and her son when she does not have the bus fare to travel to Bulawayo.
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