14.9M children vaccinated against measles across Egypt

An article from the Cairo Post
November 8, 2015
CAIRO: The Health Ministry vaccinated 14.9 million children against measles during the first week of a national campaign taking place across governorates, according to a Saturday ministry statement.
The campaign kicked off Oct. 31 and is expected to last until Nov. 21. It targets to inoculate 24 million children from 9 nine months to 10 years old from measles and Rubella (also known as German measles.)
Some 82,000 trained medical crew members are partaking in the campaign, the cost of which is estimated at 165 million EGP ($20 million.)
The ministry has also stated it is using MMR, a “safe vaccine” against measles and Rubella.
Approximately 5,000 children have been infected with the disease since January 2015, according to Youm7.
In 2014, the rate of infection among children reached some 1,740 cases, according to press statements by former Minister of Health Adel el-Adawy. Deaths cases of at least six were reported last year.
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