Cholera Outbreak Hits Eastern Malawi

An article from Voice of America
December 31, 2015
Malawi is experiencing an outbreak of cholera, two months after the start of the rainy season. Health authorities say the water-borne disease has hit most residents of three districts around Lake Chilwa in eastern Malawi.
The first cholera cases were reported in the eastern districts of Machinga and Zomba on December 19 when one person died and 26 others were receiving treatment at public hospitals.
Health Ministry authorities told VOA on Wednesday that the water-borne disease is now spreading considerably with the number of patients now at 95.
Adrian Chikumbe, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, said the outbreak is largely due to poor sanitation around Lake Chilwa, Malawi’s second largest lake.
“You see, at Lake Chilwa, there is this tendency of people constructing houses just above the water and then there are people coming to do fishing and all that, so hygiene is severely compromised,” said Chikumbe.
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