Delegates from across the Region stand together to immunize Europe

A news article from the Media Centre of WHO - Europe
April 3, 2014

Immunization programme managers from 46 Member States gathered in Antalya, Turkey on 18–20 March 2014 to assess the current status of vaccine-preventable diseases and set the future course for immunization in the European Region. The WHO/Europe meeting created the opportunity for all those who lead immunization programmes in the Region to share their concerns, experiences and plans with each other as well as with representatives of partner and donor agencies and international associations of health care professionals.

Organized at a pivotal time for reaching regional immunization targets, this multi-stakeholder forum allowed for fruitful discussions on pressing topics, including: 

  • elimination of measles and rubella;
  • development of a Regional Vaccines Action Plan (RVAP);
  • programme implications of the global Polio Endgame Strategy, including introduction of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV);
  • ongoing threats to the Region’s polio-free status and preparation for potential reintroduction of the disease;
  • tackling vaccine hesitancy, and driving acceptance and demand for vaccines; 
  • introduction of new and under-utilized vaccines;
  • tailoring immunization programmes to reach the underserved;
  • impact and future plans for European Immunization Week. 

Reversing negative spiral in the battle against measles and rubella

After dramatic successes in reducing the burden of measles and rubella over recent decades, the European Region has seen a rebound in the number of measles cases reported since 2010 and the number of rubella cases reported in 2012 and 2013. Persistent outbreaks point to weaknesses in immunization services and disease surveillance systems that threaten the Region’s goal of eliminating these diseases by 2015.

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