Tanzania: Cholera Spread Seen Shrinking

An article from AllAfrica
September 30, 2015
EFFORTS by government and other partners in the fight to control the outbreak of cholera that has been devastating Dar es Saalam and three other regions are yielding results as the number of new cases has gone down.
The outbreak has left 13 people dead and affected more than 800 others in Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Coast and Morogoro regions. Speaking to 'Daily News', the Regional Health Officer on Communicable diseases, Dr Alex Mkamba, said efforts made by the government, World Health Organization and other partners to prevent the spread of the water- borne disease have started bearing fruit.
The efforts include providing public education on the use of clean and safe water, good hygiene and sanitation. Dr Mkamba said as of Wednesday, there were only 14 new cholera cases in Kinondoni district, 25 bedridden cases and 23 discharges with zero deaths, while in Ilala, there were 28 new cases, 28 discharges and 43 bedridden patients with no deaths.
In Temeke there were eight new cases, four discharges, 26 hospitalized cases and one death. The cholera outbreak was first announced in Dar es Salaam on August 15, this year, two days later some cases were reported in Morogoro Region and a few weeks later there were 230 cholera patients in Dar es Salaam and 34 in Morogoro.
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