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DRC: Children who survived measles are now suffering from malnutrition and malaria

As the measles epidemic gradually fades in the Tanganyika province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, malaria and malnutrition often form a deadly combination for children. In order to face this situation, MSF – in collaboration with the Congolese Ministry of Health – continues to support the Manono health zone for the management of severe acute malnutrition and pediatric emergencies and is opening a similar project in Kabalo.

Afrique: Vaccination infantile - L'Afrique, le continent le moins protégé

La première conférence ministérielle africaine sur la vaccination a ouvert ses travaux, le mercredi 24 février 2016 à Addis Abeba en Ethiopie. Des ministres de la Santé, des Finances, des experts, des décideurs, des bailleurs de fonds et de la société civile réfléchissent aux moyens les plus efficaces afin de parvenir à une couverture vaccinale de tous les enfants du continent.
Etendre la vaccination afin de parvenir à une couverture universelle est le nouveau challenge que les dirigeants africains et leurs partenaires veulent se donner en matière de santé.

Burkina Faso: Campagne de vaccination contre la poliomyélite - 1er passage, du 26 au 29 février 2016

Le lancement officiel du 1er passage de la campagne de vaccination contre la poliomyélite de l'année a eu lieu à Kombissiri, chef-lieu de la province du Bazèga, le samedi 27 février 2016.
Les autorités en charge de la santé sont déterminées à éradiquer la poliomyélite. En témoigne, le lancement officiel du 1er passage de la campagne de vaccination contre la poliomyélite qui a eu lieu le 27 février 2016 à Kombissiri.

Tanzania: Cholera Prevalence Down By Five Per Cent

Cholera prevalence in the country is down by five per cent, according to a weekly report by the Ministry of Health, Social welfare, Gender, Elderly and Children released in Dar es Salaam.
According to a report released by the Deputy Minister Dr Hamis Kigwangalla, there were 499 cholera cases with six deaths registered between February 15 and 21. He pointed out that 11 regions were reported to have cholera prevalence.

Kenya: MSF warns of future cholera spike if poor water and sanitation conditions in Wajir are not urgently addressed

As the rainy season approaches in Wajir in northeastern Kenya, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is warning that the substandard water and sanitation situation is creating ideal conditions for a future increase in cholera cases. While today patient numbers in the cholera treatment centre in Wajir Hospital are stable, the organization is urging for an immediate improvement in sanitation services to avoid another spike in the outbreak.

Sud-Kivu: 100 cas de choléra enregistré à Uvira, 2 morts

Plus de cent nouveaux cas de choléra, dont deux décès, ont été enregistrés dans la zone de santé d’Uvira (Sud-Kivu) depuis le mois de janvier dernier.
Selon le chargé de communication de cette zone de santé, Jaime Saidi, les deux personnes sont mortes à cause d’un transfert tardif au centre de traitement.

Polio worker shot as Pakistan holds countrywide vaccination drive

Gunmen shot and wounded a Pakistani polio worker in the eastern city of Lahore on Wednesday, the latest in a string of attacks against eradication teams in a country that accounts for more than 70 percent of the world's cases of the virus.
More than 100,000 health workers fanned out across Pakistan this week, stepping up a drive to eliminate the polio virus this year from one of its last bastions, despite threats from militants against the vaccination teams.

Gates Foundation Sees Possible End to Polio Soon

The world may well see its last case of polio in 2016, Bill and Melinda Gates said Friday, an event that would start a countdown toward the official eradication of the highly contagious and crippling disease.
“It’s possible that the last case will be in 2016,” Mr. Gates said. “We need some good execution and a little bit of luck.”

Africa: WHO Approves Third Producer for Cholera Vaccine

The global supply of oral cholera vaccines (OCV) is set to double this year after the World Health Organisation approved a third producer, helping to address global shortages and expand access in more countries.
The vaccine producer, a South Korean company called EuBiologics, is the latest oral cholera vaccine manufacturer to be approved under the WHO's pre-qualification programme, which ensures that drugs and vaccines bought by countries and international procurement agencies such as Unicef meet acceptable standards of quality, safety and efficacy.

Tanzania: WHO Warns Cholera Could Be Here for Months

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that efforts to contain cholera, which has killed over 200 people in Tanzania since last August, may not bear fruit soon unless there is a major overhaul of sanitation systems.
The WHO representative in the country, Dr Rufaro Chatora, told The Citizen in an exclusive interview that the government's efforts to control the disease must include the repair of sanitation systems.