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Latest confirmation: Polio count for 2015 reaches 52

BAHAWALPUR/QUETTA: The sample of a four-year-old boy from Rahimyar Khan in Punjab has tested positive for poliovirus, taking the count of polio cases of 2015 to 52. This is reportedly the first case in the district in the past four years.
District health authorities said Zar Gul Khan contracted the crippling disease on December 2, 2015.

Success against polio has emboldened India’s immunation drive: Dr Seth Berkeley

Dr Seth Berkeley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is currently in India and has inked an agreement for $500 million to support India’s immunisation drive.
Berkeley shares his views on the government’s engagement on vaccination and the way forward for India which supplies 60 per cent of the world’s vaccines and yet has the largest number of unimmunised children.
What are the components of this support package to India?

Haïti-Santé : Des Ong plaident en faveur de l’éradication du choléra

Le Comité de coordination des Organisations non gouvernementales (Ong) en Haïti (Cco en Haïti) [1] encourage les acteurs nationaux et internationaux, notamment les bailleurs de fonds, à continuer à apporter leur soutien dans la lutte contre le choléra pendant l’année 2016 et pendant les cinq prochaines années.

Safer Polio Vaccines on Way for Use After Eradication

The goal of eradicating polio worldwide is within sight.  But public health officials must make sure that vaccines administered after that point cannot cause a recurrence of the disease. Researchers in Britain have come up with a safe strain that would prevent polio reinfection.
Polio vaccines are stockpiled for use into the foreseeable future to prevent another epidemic of paralytic polio, once the disease is officially eradicated.

Central African Republic: MSF emergency team vaccinates 10,000 children against measles and pneumococcal disease

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) emergency teams have vaccinated almost 10,000 children in the Gadzi area of the Central African Republic, about 300 kilometres west of Bangui, after the appearance of several cases of measles led the local authorities to raise the alarm. The vaccination teams had to cope with major access problems due to the poor state of the roads and the dispersion of the population in the area, where more than 70,000 people live with virtually no basic healthcare.

Working Toward a World Where All Children are Safe from Measles and Rubella

Last week, the Board of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance approved a measles and rubella strategy that will provide an additional $220 million to measles and rubella activities from 2016-2020. In total, Gavi will invest $820 million over the next five years on measles and rubella activities in Gavi-eligible countries.

How Big Data is Helping Fight AIDS in Africa

HIV transmission from mother to child is a major, and preventable, factor in the ongoing prevalence of AIDS in Africa. While transmission rates are below 5% with effective prenatal treatment, the World Health Organization says they can range up to 45% without treatment—unfortunately, a common situation in the developing world.


Santé/la ministre de la santé RGC relève tous les défis. La Côte d’Ivoire libérée de la polio

L’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS) vient de déclarer la Cote d’Ivoire libérée de la polio. Et cela, par un courrier du Dr ALLARANGA Yokouidéreprésentant résident de l’OMS en Côte d’Ivoire en date du 30 Novembre 2015 informant et félicitant la Ministre de la Santé et de la Lutte contre le Sida, madame Raymonde GOUDOU COFFIE.

Give HPV vaccine to men who have sex with men, government told

Government advisers have said the HPV vaccine offered to girls aged 12 or 13 to help protect them against cervical cancer should also be available to men who have sex with men.
The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) recommends three doses for men aged up to 45 who attend clinics specialising in treating HIV and genitourinary conditions. There should be no lower age limit, it says.

Bye Bye Ebola! Eradication spurs rap song in Sierra Leone.

As we reported last week, Sierra Leone has officially been declared Ebola-free after passing the 42-day mark since any new cases of the disease have been diagnosed there. Last weekend, thousands danced in the streets to celebrate. And there's more joyful dancing in the video for the song "Bye Bye Ebola" by rapper Block Jones from Sierra Leone. You can see staff members at Ebola treatment centers in Sierra Leone strutting their stuff in empty wards. And policemen dancing the Azonto, a west African dance, at border checkpoints.