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Sida, tuberculose, paludisme : 17 millions de vies sauvées par le Fonds mondial depuis sa création

L’impact des actions menées par le Fonds mondial de lutte contre le sida, la tuberculose et le paludisme est de plus en plus important, se félicite ce partenariat international, créé en 2002 pour faire face aux trois pandémies. Son rapport annuel, rendu public lundi 21 septembre, évalue à 17 millions, à la fin de 2014, le nombre de vies qui ont été sauvées grâce à ses interventions depuis qu’il est en activité. L’objectif pour la fin de 2016 est de parvenir à 22 millions de vies sauvées en cumulé.

Santé: les premières dames d’Afrique déterminées à vaincre le VIH/Sida d’ici à 2030

A travers l’OPDAS (Organisation des premières dames d’Afrique contre le sida), les épouses des chefs d’Etats Africains se sont réunies le 28 septembre à New York, en marge du 70èmesommet des Nations-Unies, pour faire le point de leur participation aux Objectifs du Millénaire pour le développement et les perspectives sur le VIH/Sida et la santé maternelle, néonatale et infantile dans l’agenda de développement post 2015.

Children With H.I.V. More Likely to Die of Malaria

Children infected with H.I.V. appear much more likely than those who are not to die with severe malaria, a new study has found. It may make sense to give these children malaria drugs protectively, the authors said.
The research, which looked at 3,000 Malawian children who went into comas with cerebral malaria and included autopsies on more than 100 who had died, partly resolves a question that has long puzzled H.I.V. specialists. Does H.I.V. make malaria more lethal, as it is well-known to do with other diseases — notably tuberculosis?

UAE schools to immunise students for free against deadly measles

After the successful polio vaccination programme for students, UAE authorities have now launched a measles immunisation campaign in the country.
The National Measles Immunisation Campaign will target everyone between the ages of 1 and 18 years.
The Ministry of Health and the health authorities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are urging UAE residents to make the campaign a success and help eliminate the disease from the UAE.

Syria: Kobane Health Administration launches a measles vaccination campaign with support of MSF

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has supported the Kobane Health Administration to implement a nine days measles vaccination campaign in Kobane canton in northern Syria, reaching 5,776 children.

Cameroon Finds Resistance to Polio Vaccination Campaign

Cameroon is ending a polio vaccination campaign against a backdrop of growing resistance, even though officials say 7 percent of Cameroon's children are still at risk of contracting the crippling disease. 
Forty-three-year-old Clarisse Tomta has refused to allow vaccination agents to inoculate two of her children – both under 5 years of age. She described the anti-polio campaign as unnecessary.

Government rolls out measles, rubella vaccine

All health institutions, primary and secondary schools will from today until Friday be administering the new measles­rubella vaccine to children between nine and 15 years. Children aged between six and 59 months will also be given Vitamin A supplementation during the same period. According to the Ministry of Health and Child Care, this year’s national immunisation days were triggered by the quest to eliminate measles and protect children against rubella virus infection.

Advaxis reports 'encouraging' PhII cervical cancer vaccine data

Operating in a field that can leave patients with few options, Advaxis ($ADXS) rolled out data for its cervical cancer vaccine this week that represent a "meaningful step" for those afflicted, according to one expert.

Scripps Florida nets 4-year, $6M grant from Gates Foundation for HIV vaccine

In June, a team from The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA, met with federal regulators to discuss human trials for its investigational HIV vaccine. Now, researchers from the Scripps campus in Florida have won a four-year grant of up to $6 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a vaccine for HIV/AIDS that researchers there have been working on.


Serum Institute sets out for dengue fast track

Asia's largest vaccinemaker just made a play that could affect the race for a vaccine protecting against dengue fever, a common affliction that has a big impact in the region.