UAE-wide measles immunisation programme raises questions

An article from The National UAE
October 19, 2015
DUBAI // Parents say they are confused about a national immunisation programme to have 1.5 million children and teenagers inoculated against measles.
On November 1, the Ministry of Health is launching the National Campaign for Vaccination against Measles for everyone aged between 1 and 18. Many older children have already been vaccinated.
The MMR – or measles, mumps and rubella – vaccine is usually given to infants in two doses. In the UAE, the first MMR shot is given at 15 months, followed by a second at 6 years.
Schools have sent consent forms home for parents to sign for the mandatory programme.
Those with children who have already had two doses can decline, as can those whose youngsters have medical exemptions, such as an allergy to vaccines.
Indian Priya Pai had her children Adipaya, 14, and Sam, 8, vaccinated as toddlers. They attend Gems World Academy.
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