Bharat Biotech makes a splash on rotavirus with help from Indian PM Modi

Want to get maximum publicity for your drug launch? Have your nation's leader announce it. Most newspapers in India carried the story of the launch of a locally made vaccine, as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
To be sure, Bharat Biotech's oral Rotavac for preventing rotavirus is India's first locally made vaccine for the virus and is to be the world's cheapest at less than a $1 a dose in a three-dose regimen. And there are only two other rotavirus vaccines on the global market.

Bharat's $1 rotavirus vaccine rolls out in India to challenge GSK, Merck

Back in 2011, Indian company Bharat Biotech pledged to offer its rotavirus prospect at a price that undercut even discounted vaccines from GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) and Merck ($MRK). Now, it's ready to make good on its promise.
The country has rolled out Bharat's three-dose vaccine, Rotavac, at a rate of around 60 rupees--or just under one U.S. dollar.

Gates Foundation bets $52M on CureVac's mRNA promise

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is throwing its weight behind CureVac, a German biotech working to transform patients' cells into drug factories, committing $52 million in hopes of crafting vaccines for the developing world.

Rotavirus vaccine reduces severe diarrhoea by 64% in Malawi

Research at the University of Liverpool has found that diarrhoea caused by rotavirus infection is significantly reduced in the developing world with the use of a vaccine to prevent the condition.
Rotavirus is the leading cause of severe, acute gastroenteritis among infants and young children throughout the world and is responsible for an estimated 453,000 deaths among children under age five each year.

Sénégal : Les anti-rotavirus introduits dans le programme de vaccination

L'objectif est de prévenir des milliers de cas de rotavirus et de décès enregistrés chaque année dans le pays.
En quinze ans, 1,5 millions de cas de rotavirus et 6500 décès dus au rotavirus ont été recensés dans le pays.
Au Sénégal, la diarrhée est l'une des maladies infantiles les plus meurtrières, avec près de 7 pour cent des décès d'enfants de moins de cinq ans et le rotavirus a provoqué la mort de plus de 1900 enfants de moins de cinq ans en 2008, selon une estimation de l'OMS.

Introduction d’un nouveau vaccin contre les diarrhées en Mauritanie

Le gouvernement mauritanien a introduit le vaccin Rotarix qui agit contre la diarrhée à Rotavirus au Programme national de vaccination de routine (PEV), a-t-on appris de source médicale à Nouakchott.
Ce nouveau vaccin vise à immuniser les enfants contre les infections diarrhéiques qui constituent la première cause de mortalité infantile en Mauritanie avant le paludisme et la malnutrition.

CDC awards grant to Meridian for rotavirus vaccine

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently awarded a second Small Business Innovation Research contract to Meridian Life Science, Inc., to create a rotavirus vaccine.

Novel approach to virus might lead to cure for diarrhea

A cure for the infection that causes diarrhea may be on the horizon.
Activation of the innate immune system with the bacterial protein flagellin could prevent and cure rotavirus infection, which is among the most common causes of severe diarrhea, according to a Georgia State University research team that described the method as a novel means to prevent and treat a viral infection. The team published its findings in the Nov. 14 issue of Science.

'Rotavirus vaccine can reduce infant mortality'

The introduction of the Rotavirus vaccine in India is one of the most pro-people decisions as it has the potential to drastically reduce infant mortality, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said Wednesday.
Rotavirus is the primary cause of moderate to severe diarrhoea, morbidity and mortality for children less than five years of age in India, he said at the 11th International Rotavirus Symposium here.