History of Anti-vaccination Movements

Health and medicine scholars have described vaccination as one of the top ten achievements of public health in the 20th century.[1] Yet, opposition to vaccination has existed as long as vaccination itself[2] (indeed, the pre-vaccination practice of variolation came under criticism as well: see this timeline entry for details).

Lost Small Pox Vials and Anthrax Mishaps

Last week the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention announced that 6 small pox vials had been discovered on the 1st of July during the clearing out of an old laboratory at the Nationality Institute of Health’s (NIH) Bethesda campus, Maryland.

Vaccine development and developing countries

Participation of patients in medical research requires that a balance is struck—between anticipated benefits and potential harms of the new treatment being assessed, and with a view to the broader value of evidence accrued for guiding clinical practice and future research. Tensions can arise, however. Research in low-income settings has sometimes been perceived to be of greater potential benefit to those in high-income countries, where a drug may be marketed after licensing.


Honoring the Life of Ciro de Quadros

Honoring the Life of Dr. Ciro de Quadros



Infographic: The Next Great Pandemic

Take a look at these informative infographics on TB, Cholera, HIV, pneumonia, and antimicrobal-resistant diseases from the 


The immunization programme that saved millions of lives

In the 1960s, smallpox was still circulating in Africa and Asia. Within a decade of the launch of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Intensified Smallpox Eradication Programme in 1967, the disease had been wiped out globally.
Long before the last case of smallpox was reported in 1977, the idea that a similar approach could be taken with other vaccine-preventable diseases was gaining support.

Stockpiling smallpox vaccine may be best use of resources

More time and energy should be spent on developing smallpox vaccine stockpiles rather than pursuing new vaccines or antiviral agents, according to an editorial published on Tuesday in Biosecurity and Bioterrorism.


TapImmune Announces the Filing of New Intellectual Property for its Platform Expression System Polystart

TapImmune Inc., a clinical stage immunotherapy company specializing in the development of innovative vaccine technologies for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease has filed a new patent application for a novel technology platform designed to enhance the visibility of cancer or infected cells to a patient’s immune system, a critical aspect of an effective vaccine.