Africa: WHO Approves Third Producer for Cholera Vaccine

An article from AllAfrica
January 16, 2016
The global supply of oral cholera vaccines (OCV) is set to double this year after the World Health Organisation approved a third producer, helping to address global shortages and expand access in more countries.
The vaccine producer, a South Korean company called EuBiologics, is the latest oral cholera vaccine manufacturer to be approved under the WHO's pre-qualification programme, which ensures that drugs and vaccines bought by countries and international procurement agencies such as Unicef meet acceptable standards of quality, safety and efficacy.
Two oral vaccines for cholera exist - dukoral made by a Swedish vaccine producer, SBL Vaccin AB and shanchol made by Shantha Biotechics of Hyderabad, India - both of which require two doses to prevent the disease.
The addition of another pre-qualified vaccine producer is expected to double global supply to 6 million doses for 2016, with the potential for increased production in the future.
This additional capacity will contribute to a virtuous cycle of increased demand, increased production, reduced price and greater equity of access.
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